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Ramona Valerie Alb
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Who is Ramona Valerie Alb?

German bikini fitness competitor Ramona Valerie Alb. After seeing a workout video of an IFBB professional, Regiane Da Silva Botthof, she developed an interest in fitness.

Short Career of Ramona Valerie Alb

Ramona Valerie Alb entered her first bikini competition, the Fibo Power and Beauty, just five months after she began weight training.

Ramona began working on turning fitness into her full-time job after placing a high 2nd in her first tournament.

Since that time, Ramona has developed her profession to an amazing degree.

Along with becoming a respected contender with more than 18 wins under her belt. Ramona has developed a sizable online following as a fitness sensation.

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.”

Body Measurements of Ramona Valerie Alb

Full Name: Ramona Valerie Alb
DATE OF BIRTH: April 25, 1986
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model
AGE: 36 
HEIGHT: 5’7″ (170cm)
WEIGHT: 65.8–70.3 kg; 145–155 lbs

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

Ramona Valerie Alb


Bikini contests

  • Fibo Power Beauty 2010 IFBB, 2nd place
  • Bawü 2010 IFBB Bikini, 3rd place
  • German Championship 2010 IFBB Bikini, 2nd place
  • Donau cup 2010 IFBB Bikini, 1st place
  • Rhein Neckarpokal 2010 IFBB, 1st place
  • German Internationale Championship 2010 IFBB Bikini, 2nd place
  • Bikini and Catwalk Fashion show Miami, 1st place
  • Fibo show Bikini 2011 IFBB, 2nd place
  • Bawü 2011 IFBB Bikini, 1st place
  • German Championship 2011 IFBB Bikini, 2nd place
  • European Qualification 2011 IFBB Bikini, 1st place
  • European Championship 2011 IFBB Bikini, 8th place
  • Loaded Cup 2012 IFBB bikini, 4th place
  • FIBO Bikini CUP 2012 IFBB bikini, 2nd place
  • Height Class Bawü 2012 IFBB bikini, 1st place
  • Overall Win Bawü 2012 IFBB bikini, 1st place
  • Height Class German Championship 2012 IFBB bikini, 1st place
  • Overall Winner German Championship 2012 IFBB bikini, 1st place

“A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars.”

Biography of Ramona Valerie Alb

Beginnings of Fitness

Sports “freak” Ramona Valerie Alb claims she has always been. She played with her friends and classmates at school when she was younger and excelled at all she tried.

Ramona’s competitive ‘thirst’ didn’t lessen as she grew older. In actuality, it got stronger with time.

Ramona first became interested in fitness after seeing a workout video by IFBB Pro Regiane Da Silva Botthof.

After watching the training video, Ramona immediately began working out and making a diet plan without giving it much thought at first.

Bikini contests

Just five months after she began her training, in April 2010. Ramona competed in the Fibo Power and Beauty, her first-ever bikini event.

She was shocked to learn that she placed second that day at the show.

demonstrating to herself that she had what it takes to excel in the sport. Ramona quickly rose to even greater challenges. such as participating in prestigious fitness competitions outside of Germany.

Success on the Bikini Stage

Ramona won an astounding 18 events by the year 2012.

In just two years of competition, she achieved a streak of outstanding results.

For instance, she won the 2012 German Bikini Championships and took first place at the 2010 Rhein Neckarpokal, Miami’s Bikini and Catwalk Fashion Show, and the Rhein Neckarpokal 2010.

Ramona is breaking records in her job as a fitness competitor thanks to her fierce competitiveness and chiseled figure.

Ramona Valerie Alb


Rest Between the Sets

Ramona uses a lot of drop sets and supersets during her training. Her pause between each set is therefore quite brief.

Ramona will take a minute-long break even when she is not performing supersets. In the words of Ramona, “I am always doing something.”

Playing Music While Working Out

Ramona claims that music is a “must-have” for her workouts. She gains an advantage when she needs to push through the last few reps of a challenging workout.

She enjoys various genres of music, but metal is her go-to for strenuous exercises like squats.

Top Three Favorite Exercises

Ramona’s top exercises are;

  1. Barbell Squats
  2. All Abdominal Exercises
  3. Glute Isolation Exercises

Ramona Valerie Alb’s Top 3 Tips for Staying Fit

  • “Never give up and stay focused on where you want to be.”
  • “If you feel great after your workout well your workout wasn’t that great hehe”
  • “Believe in yourself and deep squats, yup! Real deep!


Ramona follows a routine diet during the off-season. To build lean muscle mass on her frame, she sticks to healthful foods and the occasional treat.

The cutting stage is a completely different matter. When Ramona has to lose those final few pounds of body fat, just before a competition. She’ll weigh her macronutrients in this manner;

  • 84 grams of protein
  • 36 grams of carbs
  • 22 grams of fat
  • 709 calories in total

Ramona calls this “killing crazy,” although she only eats in this manner in the final 14–28 days before the competition. It would be hazardous to her health to continue on this diet for any length of time.

Influences and Idols

Continued Motivation

In Ramona’s pursuit of fitness, maintaining motivation is not difficult. She simply reminds herself that if she were to stop, her amazing physique would be lost.

She gets inspiration for her workouts from fellow IFBB bikini competitors. such as Regiane Da Silva Botthof and Larissa Reis.

Ramona is motivated to train harder after seeing their successes so she can compete at her best.

What Can Ramona Valerie Alb Teach Us?

Ramona Valerie Alb may teach us a lot, but the most significant lesson is probably to always follow your passion.

Ramona didn’t think twice to pursue fitness after realizing it was something she could use to express herself fully.

She turned that love into her ideal job and way of life after putting in a lot of work, perseverance, and commitment.

You too can achieve your aspirations if you take the appropriate strategy and are dedicated to your cause, just like Ramona Valerie Alb.