Ray Romano
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The popular actor Ray Romano, who played Ray Barone on the CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, is devoted to his wife, Anna Romano.

The actor and his wife have four children together, and Ray Romano is a devoted father to all of them. Alexandra “Ally” Romano, Gregory and Matthew Romano, and Joseph Raymond Romano are his children.

The 64-year-old actor once acknowledged that, in contrast to his fictional self in the CBS sitcom, he always found a way to engage with his kids.

“Ray Barone’s children don’t appear on TV all that frequently. I spend a lot more time with my kids in real life, “In an interview with Parents magazine in October 2005, Ray noted.

Ray Romano
Ray Romano (Pinterest)

Ray Romano’s Marriage and Family Relationship

The four-time Emmy Award-winning actor spoke more candidly about his marriage to Anna and his family during the same exchange.

He acknowledged the affection and support of his family for his job, particularly the delight of his kids in hearing his voice in Ice Age.

Ray used to write for his movies and TV shows based on true events that occurred in his family. Not only that, but his underclassmen made numerous cameos in his projects.

Even now, he and his family are content to share a home; nevertheless, the family generally runs their lives out of the public eye.

During the Pandemic, Ray Romano Spent Time With His Family

Ray allegedly spent the trying pandemic time with his wife and children who are now adults.

In an interview with People in 2020, the actor said that spending a pandemic at home with his family had both benefits and drawbacks.

He didn’t mind seeing his wife and children at their house, though, and that was one thing.

“We do, however, have the 22-year-old who is present. We also had twins, who live independently in their apartment a few kilometers away. So they returned. A residence belongs to my daughter in Venice, California. She would stay here for a week before returning home “Ray at the time said.

He said, continuing, “Actually, I find it to be somewhat nice. But they are grownups. I am so sorry for anyone who is quarantining a child or children.”

Ray Romano
Ray Romano (Pinterest)

What Are Ray Romano’s Children Up To Now?

The offspring of Ray and his wife Anna have achieved success in a variety of occupations.

Daughter Alexandra, the oldest child of the pair, reportedly followed in her father’s acting career. Her performance in Ice Age: Continental Drift from 2012 is her most well-known part.

She began working as a marketing and communications manager at Shondaland in Hollywood in May 2017 in addition to playing.

Gregory and Matthew, his twins, work in the entertainment business as well. Gregory has worked as a production assistant on The Late Late Show With James Corden, according to Closer Weekly.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Matthew also works as a production assistant.

Joseph, the youngest son, hasn’t achieved much success, but he made his voice-acting debut in the 2009 movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.