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The Waltons’ John-Boy Walton was portrayed by actor Richard Thomas, and he and his second wife, Georgiana Bischoff, have a long history of happiness together. Over 25 years have passed since they got married.

Richard Thomas had gone through a difficult divorce before he met Bischoff. Even though it was challenging, he eventually realized that the agony was guiding him toward a better, more fulfilling existence.

His lengthy marriage has taught him a few things, including how to raise children properly and why his marriage is successful.

Richard Thomas Reveals His Secret to a Long Marriage with His Second Wife

Thomas has discussed his happy marriage on numerous occasions since beginning his second marriage in 1994. He hasn’t, however, always been the most forthcoming.

However, he was very open about his marriage when speaking with Closer Weekly in December 2020. He discussed the reasons behind the prolonged nature of his relationship with Bischoff.

Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas (Pinterest)

Thomas claimed that his wife’s character was mostly what kept them together.

He told Closer Weekly, “I’m married to the most honest, straightforward person, so you always know where you are. We have a lot of fun together and there is a lot of trust between us.

He commented on how it hadn’t always been simple to live in a mixed family, alluding to the fact that they have seven kids together. “It creates conflict and difficulties, but we have managed to handle every storm and those challenging aspects of life.”

He may have been more forthcoming due to his seclusion. In New York, Thomas and Bischoff were “surviving COVID together” because all of their older children had left the nest.

Thomas felt that the best way to raise children was to give them some degree of freedom.

“Avoid attempting to mold them into your image. Just let them be “said he. “Let them be free to become who they are as they grow.”

Divorce and Children of Richard Thomas’s First Wife

The first spouse of Thomas was Alma Gonzales. On February 14, 1975, they got married, and throughout their marriage, they had four kids.

In 1976, Richard Scott Earl Francis “Francisco” Thomas III became their first child. Then, on August 26, 1981, the ex-couple gave birth to their triplet girls, Barbara-Ayala, Gweneth, and Pilar Alma.

Gonzales and Thomas were hoping for twins, but when a scan revealed triplets, she called Thomas right away.

The performer, who had been performing in New York for seven months, immediately flew to Los Angeles after receiving the call on August 25.

Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas (Pinterest)

Only around ten more years of their partnership were possible. When he first met Bischoff, his second wife, in 1992, he had just finished a divorce.

He admitted as much to The New York Times in 2005, saying that the separation and subsequent divorce had brought him to his knees. They connected on the sorrow they had inherited from their recent divorces because she had also just gone through it.

Both party didn’t intend to establish a romantic relationship, but after some time, things just seemed to work out. He added, “I was pulled kicking and screaming into a happier life because of it,” while explaining how the suffering of an unplanned divorce drove him to a better existence.

Thomas formalized his divorce from Gonzales in 1993, and on November 20, 1994, he wed Bischoff. Her two daughters, Brooke and Kendra, from her two prior marriages, as well as all four of his children, were present.

Their girls served as bridesmaids, while their sons served as best men during the wedding.

Their first and only child together, son Montana James, was born on July 28, 1996, two years later.

Two of their children were living in California, three were in Bend, Oregon, and two were nearby in New York at the time of the Closer Weekly interview.