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Tayler Rose Diet Plan, Workout Routine, Exercise, Body Measurements

Tayler Rose
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Who Is Tayler Rose?

Tayler Rose, also known as @misstaylerrose, is a competitive powerlifter from Canada who shot to fame after sharing images of her incredible transformation online.

The popularity of “Miss Tayler Rose,” as she is referred to on her social media channels, has increased yearly. not just in terms of size and strength, but also in terms of appeal.

Currently, Tayler has a massive cult following of both men and women who turn to her for motivation and inspiration to reach their fitness objectives.

Body Measurements Of Tayler Rose 

Full Name: Tayler Rose
HEIGHT: 5’3″ (160cm)
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
PROFESSION: Powerlifter
ERA: 2010


Powerlifting, (Exercise)Tayler Rose

Taylor consistently performs the same fundamental exercises week in and week out. These include the bench press, deadlift, and squat.

Tayler’s training regimen is built around these exercises, which are also her key to success.


Fats For HealingTayler Rose

Tayler Rose, a mediocre powerlifter, is aware of the value of nutrition, particularly good fats, for recovery.\

Tayler Rose stated that she enjoys the way eating avocados makes her feel.

Some of Tayler’s cooking essentials include avocados, peanut butter, and eggs.

Influences And IdolsTayler Rose

Tayler Rose has amassed a sizable online fanbase and has grown to be a popular idol among them. Her daily inspirational images encourage viewers to hit the gym and raise “big weights.”