Sir Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard is 82. He is healthy and fit. Recently, Cliff talked about the secret of his youthful look and healthy figure. Talking about his diet and secret of life longevity, Cliff said that he has cut out 10 foods in his daily diet. Which are these foods?

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Sir Cliff Richard and his diet

Sir Cliff Richard, 82 year old singer from the UK follows the blood type diet. He is continuing to provide music hits and chart busters for his fans. Moreover, he is healthy and fit even at that advanced age. Actually, the blood type diet is consuming foods based on your blood group.

Sir Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff Richard (Source: The Sun UK)

Though the diet is a controversial one, Cliff is happy with it. Moreover, he attributes his life longevity and health to this diet. Cliff has blood group A. He said:

‘There are 10 things [I can’t have]. I can’t have dairy or wheat. No red meat. No crustaceans. No mangoes, papayas or bananas. No potatoes, tomatoes. And aubergine. And you know, when you look at a list of foods that exist, giving up 10 of
them is not that difficult.’

Cliff misses certain foods

Cliff is a determined person with a strong will power. But he admitted that though he does not eat the above foods, he does miss them. He told on the Boom Radio:

Tomatoes are probably the thing I miss most because some of the great curries I made with tomato puree. Some of the great pastas have tomatoes on it, but there’s so many different ways of having pasta.’

Sir Cliff Richard
Blood type diet foods (Source: My remedy)

And he continued:

You just have to be careful when I’m choosing Indian food. But you know, I’m allowed to have a treat now and then.’

‘But if I’m gonna have a treat, it’ll be a steak, about four a year. But I look forward to the day. You have to plan your sin.’

Cliff said he was right in choosing this diet to follow. He added that he consumes supplements of vitamins. He believes that one of two of those multivitamins he takes keeps him alive. But he is not sure which are those vitamins.

Blood type diet

This diet has been popular since the 1990s. Dr Peter D’Adamo, a naturopathic doctor developed it. It consists of diets based on the person’s blood group. There are certain foods that are good for a particular blood group whereas there are others that can harm them. Hence, they should consume the former foods and avoid the latter foods.

O blood group people should have a high-protein diet. They can have poultry, fish, lean meat, and vegetables. But they should limit on grains, dairy products and beans. They have gut issues and gende should have specified supplements.

Sir Cliff Richard
Blood group and stomach (Source: Gene food)

And A blood group people should go meat free. They can have fresh and organic beans, legumes, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables. Whereas, type B blood people should not consume wheat, buckwheat, corn, lentils, tomatoes, sesame seeds, chicken and peanuts. Instead they can have eggs, green vegetables, certain meats, and low-fat milk.

On the other hand, type AB blood people should eat tofu, milk, seafood, and green vegetables. But they should avoid caffeine, alcohol, and also smoked or cured meats.

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Additionally, the basis of the diet is eating like our ancestors. That implies to consume natural and real foods and avoid processed foods. But there has been no scientific studies on this diet. Hence one cannot recommend it to the masses.