SlimFast diet

There is another diet called SlimFast diet for quick weight loss. But the diet scored good on heart disease, diabetes and healthy eating. Read on to get all the details of this fad diet.

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The SlimFast diet

This diet has been around since the year 1977. There have been some changes over the years in this diet but the consumption of prepackaged branded products remains the same. In this diet, branded foods such as shakes, smoothies and meal bars replace the two or three meals of the day.

Moreover, the dieter can eat three snacks of 100 calories each in a day. These snacks can be branded from the company or can be fresh fruits and vegetables or handful of nuts or seeds. Additionally, the third meal of the day (the sensible meal) should provide around 500 to 600 calories.

SlimFast diet
SlimFast diet plan (Source: SlimFast)

This diet is good for people who want to lose large amounts of weight in a short time. For instance, one can lose 20 pounds in 8 to 10 weeks. A person can consume such prepared meal replacement options for around this long. He or she might not be compliant on this diet for any longer time.

Some weight losers use these branded replacement meals occasionally even after desired weight loss in order to maintain it.

Exact diet plan

In this diet, there are two meal replacements, 3 snacks and 1 sensible meal. The original plan was not specialized and is getting less popular. The newer three plan options are:

Favorite foods:

In this there is one SlimFast meal in the day with calories tracking. One can choose their favorite products and consume what they like. It is a very flexible plan.SlimFast diet

Keto plan:

In this, the dieter chooses to eat only high fat, moderate protein low carb ketogenic foods. There is no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavorings in these products.

Low carb plan:

In this, there is less focus on high fat foods. But low carb foods are advocated. The dieter can eat 6 times in a day.

Calories per day for women is 1200 to 1300. While men can have an additional 400 calories.

The branded products

These SlimFast products have high protein content with very little sugar. The usual protein amount is 20 grams and just 1 gram of sugar. These are high in fiber and have no gluten in it.

There is an advanced energy line and an advanced nutrition line. The shakes have same content of caffeine in it as that in a cup of coffee.

The diet does cause remarkable weight loss. It is convenient and has clearly defined rules.

SlimFast diet
SlimFast diet branded products (Source: Medical news today)

But it is expensive. One cannot eat out in this diet plan. One tends to feel hungry while on this plan. Hence adherence could be low. Some people find it hard to continue with this diet. It might be unsafe for people with milk allergy or lactose intolerance. Monica Reinagel, dietitian says:

“When weight and blood pressure reduction are seen as an urgent clinical priority, some health care providers believe that getting the weight off quickly (by whatever means necessary) is the most important thing. And some people find liquid meal replacements to ‘work’ in that they lead to rapid weight loss–which can improve other clinical parameters. My concern is always what happens next.”

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Lost weight will return because no one is going to continue lifelong on branded products.