Whitney Simmons
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Who Is Whitney Simmons?

American social media star Whitney Simmons is a fitness junkie from California. She became well-known after uploading instructional and inspirational films for women on YouTube.

Whitney was very active as a child. She spent 11 years competing in gymnastics and was completely fixated on the goal of becoming a cheerleader.

Whitney applied to join Utah State University’s cheerleading squad, and to her astonishment, she was accepted.

She was dropped in her second year, which led to depression and poor eating habits. She was finally pushed to return to the gym, using her workouts to help her feel happier once more.

Whitney has gained fame on YouTube in the present. She wants to inspire other women to start exercising and achieve their ideal physiques. Here is her account:

Body Measurements Of Whitney Simmons 

Full Name: Whitney Simmons
PROFESSION: Social Media Celebrity
ERA: 2010


  • Internet celebrity


Short Career Of Whitney Simmons Whitney Simmons

Whitney was very active as a child. Whitney claims that because her parents were fitness enthusiasts, they routinely encouraged Whitney to work out with them.

She started with gymnastics when she was little. Whitney would eventually develop into a world-class gymnast and compete for more than 11 years.

She decided to pursue a career as a cheerleader in college because of her flexibility and capacity for gymnastics.


She surprised herself by getting a spot on Utah’s collegiate cheerleading squad after trying out. She relocated to Utah to begin college, and during her first year there, she “loved every minute” of supporting the basketball and football teams.

Sadly, she was released from the squad at the start of her second year in college. She claims that she was the first person to leave the university’s cheerleading group, which left her feeling quite down.

Poor Nutrition And DepressionWhitney Simmons

Whitney had terrible consequences as a result of being let go from the squad. She fell into a profound melancholy, stopped doing anything, and spent a lot of time sobbing in her bed.

She would also eat a lot of junk food to feel better. Whitney Simmons claims that eating two double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s every day for lunch wasn’t unusual for her.

Taking Up Fitness

Her parents saw how depressed she had been when she got home. As a method to help her out of the sadness, her dad advised her to start working out again.

Whitney Simmons claims that first, she believed weightlifting to be the exact opposite of what she needed. She didn’t realize that lifting weights as a woman would tone her body; she thought it would make her enormous and obese.

Finally, she was urged to return to the gym. She got addicted as soon as she started seeing results. She recalls that the gym served as both her physical and mental “therapy” at this time.

Job In Social Media

Every session, Whitney enjoyed the way the endorphins made her feel, but she also loved how quickly her body was transforming. She started updating everyone on social media, first on Instagram and then on YouTube, with her progress.

Whitney truly established her reputation on YouTube. She developed a sizable fan base and constantly added new instructional and inspirational fitness videos to her channel.


Creating Exercises For Women

Whitney devotes a lot of time to creating workouts specifically for ladies. She frequently posts videos to YouTube, detailing for her followers how she takes care of the physique she has developed.

Whitney Simmons is concentrating especially on her abs and glutes to have a beach physique that other women would lust after.

She also doesn’t lift too much because she wants this look. She opts for smaller dumbbells and barbells, putting more emphasis on tone and look than on size.

Full-Body Exercise Program

  • resistance band stretches for warming up
  • superset of bicep curls 12 repetitions in 4 sets
  • 4 sets of 12 reps of the cross-body hammer curl
  • dumbbell row with one arm
  • A row of Isolated Cables 12 repetitions in 4 sets
  • cable row with one arm 12 repetitions in 4 sets
  • Superset of four sets of 12 bicep rope curls
  • 4 sets of 12 repetitions of rope face pull

Ab exercises

Whitney places a lot of importance on keeping her abdominal definition. She truly appreciates exercising her abs hard and maintaining a healthy diet to keep the muscles visible.

She has created two workouts—one easy and one challenging—both to be finished in a single session.

  • 30-second movements each
  • a 30-second break
  • 5 total exercises
  • side-toe taps on the plank
  • Laid-back tuck-ins
  • cross-body toe touches in a plank
  • lifting each leg in turn
  • Crush when holding


  • 30-second movements each
  • No break until each of the five moves has been performed.
  • Double-check each circuit.
  • Jumps up and down on the plank
  • Leg raises while lying down and alternating kicks down
  • Spider crunch from a plank cross-body toe touch position
  • Leg lifts are alternated with each other.
  • Hollow grip
  • At the beach, Whitney Simmons flaunts her firm glutes.

Leg Exercise

  • Whitney’s whole aesthetic depends on having toned glutes and quadriceps.
  • 3 sets
  • 8 curtsy lunge to reverse lunge
  • superset (3 sets)
  • Romanian deadlift with the close stance (8 reps)
  • Deadlift with wide shoulders (8 reps)
  • amazing set (3 sets)
  • crouch to extend (15 reps)
  • Deadlifting with only one stiff leg on each leg (10 reps)


Whitney does HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) for her cardio (HIIT.) She likes HIIT because a full workout requires a tremendous amount of effort. She is truly pushed to the limit, and it makes her heart rate go up.

  • 30-second in-and-out jumps
  • Jumping lunges side-to-side for 30 seconds.
  • 1-minute break (repeat)
  • Jumping lunges alternated for 30 seconds.
  • Squat hops for 30 seconds
  • 1-minute break (repeat)


Understanding Nutrition

Whitney immersed herself into healthy food and read a lot about correct nutrition after spending a year in college eating poorly. She has created a diet to match her goals of becoming leaner, more toned, and more muscular.

For Whitney, learning about macronutrients in particular involved a high learning curve. She discovered exactly what she would need to develop her body, boosting the protein, carb, and nutritious content of each meal.

Concentrating On A Big Breakfast

Whitney Simmons decides to get up at around seven in the morning, and she always makes sure to eat eggs.

Breakfast is by far her favorite meal of the day, and she enjoys making nutritious waffles to go with the eggs. She then prepares a tasty and nutritious smoothie by combining orange juice and vanilla whey protein.

Protein Bars Fan

She enjoys snacking on protein bars at the office. Whitney Simmons enjoys chocolate brownie bars in particular and is sponsored by several firms that make them.

She can increase her whey protein intake and suppress her cravings for junk food by consuming these bars.

Everyday Meal Plan

  • Rice cakes with almond butter for breakfast.
  • Omelette is made of egg whites, cheese, and spinach.
  • Shake made of whey protein and BCAAs
  • Lunch consists of almond butter cookies and a chicken breast salad with Caesar dressing.
  • Fish served with rice and veggies (broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower)
  • Slim-down ice cream

Whitney tenses her bicep while displaying her obliques and abs.

What Whitney Simmons Can Teach Us?

Whitney experienced severe depression after being let off from the cheerleading squad. She used exercising to overcome her depression and rediscover her optimistic energy.

She claims that going to the gym is “therapeutic.” She uses it to both improve her physically and restore her mental equilibrium. Exercise may also help you develop mental fortitude if you are going through a trying time.