Linda Kaye Henning
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American actress, dancer, and singer Linda Kaye Henning was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 16, 1944. Perhaps her most well-known role is that of Betty Jo in the sitcom “Petticoat Junction.”

Early Years

Linda Kaye Henning
Linda Kaye Henning(Pinterest)

Carol Alice and Paul Anthony’s older sister Linda Kay Henning is the first child of Paul and Ruth Henning. Linda Kaye Henning was enrolled by her mother into “The Peter Pan Players,” a theatrical group for kids, to help her get over her shyness. There, Linda performed in several productions based on fairy tales, including “Cinderella,” “Snow White,” and “Pinocchio.” She continued acting and studied dancing throughout her adolescence.

While it is known that Linda attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), it is unknown what year she received her primary education.

Earlier Years

Petticoat Junction And Acting Debut

Linda Kay made her debut on television in the comedy series “Mr. Ed” as Penelope, and she later played a teenage dancer in the movie “Bye Bye Birdie.” Actress Bea Benaderet requested that Linda Kay’s father, producer of “Petticoat Junction,” Paul Henning, consider her as one of the three main girls of the show even though she was only cast in minor roles at the time.

Linda’s father even requested that she alter her middle name to Kaye after she was cast as one of the Bradley sisters so that no one would know they were connected because he was afraid he would be accused of nepotism if his daughter was given a position in the show.

She went by the name Linda Kaye Henning and is best known for playing Betty Jo, though she has also been in “Green Acres” and “The Beverly Hillbillies” in parallel. In 1964, she also made her television debut as a vocalist in the show “Toast of the Town.”

Other well-known television shows that Linda appeared in included “Family Affair,” “Mork & Mindy,” and “Happy Days.” She also portrayed Mrs. Osbourne in the film “Mad About You.”

She played Mrs. Mallory in “Sliders” in 2007, which was her most recent TV appearance. But she hasn’t worked as an actress since then.

Individual Life

Initial Marriage

On the set of “Petticoat Junction,” where he played Steve Elliott, Linda Kaye met actor Mike Minor. As Betty and Steve’s on-screen romance blossomed, the actors also fell in love, becoming engaged in early 1967 and tying the knot on September 9, 1967, the same day their on-screen characters would wed. Unexpectedly, the pair called off their engagement that spring.

Later that year, Minor would publicly admit that the couple’s dispute was the result of his anxieties regarding their professions, but Mike insisted that he never stopped loving Linda Kaye while they were apart. Following their television wedding, the couple made amends and remarried in real life in 1968.

Before 1966, Minor was married to Monyeen Rae Martini, and he appeared in several shows, including “My Three Sons” and “All My Children.” He was also a vocalist, and in addition to his 1966 debut album, “This Is Mike Minor,” he also put out several other songs. He sang the theme song for “The Smiths Family” and other songs with the “Petticoat Junction” cast during his stay there.

1973 saw the dissolution of Minor and Henning’s marriage for an unidentified reason.

Second Wedding

In 1994, Linda Kaye wed actor Ashby Adams; the couple’s romance is undocumented. Adams has been in “The Doctors,” “Santa Barbara,” and “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.” as an actor.

Renowned Father

The idea for “Petticoat Junction,” which Linda Kaye’s father Paul Henning created, came from a childhood tale his wife told him: “My wife had been telling me about her early days in Missouri, where her grandparents had a hotel beside the railroad tracks.” Paul Henning was a successful director and writer of numerous TV shows, including “Petticoat Junction.” Because the prices were so affordable and there was home cooking, traveling salesmen would frequent the establishment.

Additionally, he directed episodes of “Green Acres,” “The Bob Cummings Show,” and “The Ezio Pinza Show.” Along with “Where’s Raymond?” and “The RCA Victor Show,” he is credited with writing their screenplays.

The Ruth and Paul Henning Conservation Area were established in Missouri by him and Linda’s mother Ruth.

Net Worth

Linda Kaye Henning has had a long career as an actress, contributing to her estimated $1 million net worth.


Linda Kaye Hennings is known as a stunning white woman with red hair. She has always had a slim build and is 5ft 3ins (1,60m) tall. Her weight is unknown.

Interesting Statistics

Linda Kaye Henning
Linda Kaye Henning(Pinterest)

Linda Kaye Hennings, in addition to performing and dancing, had a keen interest in science when she was younger.

Mike Minor appeared in “Petticoat Junction” for the first time as a supporting character in 1964. He had a crush on Linda Kaye during that particular performance, but the redhead was unaware of him because they never appeared in a scene together. But he was still wed to his first wife at the time.

Linda donned the same outfit she did for their on-screen marriage when she wed Mike Minor.

A member of California Artists Radio Theatre is Linda Kaye Hennings.

Her father knows the exact day she was born.

Linda’s television mother in “Petticoat Junction” was Bea Benaderet. Sadly, Benaderet passed away from lung cancer in 1968, two years before the show was canceled. In an interview, Linda recounted a difficult day when they had a letter sent by Kate to Betty Jo during the performance following Benaderet’s passing: They had Bea read it out on camera, and I just tried not to cry during the performance.