Who is Luna Vachon? Net Worth, Partner, Biography

Luna Vachon
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Who is Luna Vachon?

On January 12, 1962, Gertrude Elizabeth “Luna” Vachon was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She was a Capricorn, and both a Canadian and an American citizen. Her career as a wrestler and participation in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now known as World Wrestling Entertainment, is still remembered today (WWE).

How Was She Killed?

Luna Vachon
Luna Vachon (Pinterest)

Luna Vachon was drug dependent, but in June 2009 she finished a WWE-funded rehabilitation program. Later that year, her home burned to the ground, and some people suspect that Luna may have inadvertently started the fire.

She moved in with her mother in Pasco County, Florida, where she was discovered dead on August 27, 2010, after a benzodiazepine and oxycodone overdose.

In Ellerbe, North Carolina, on her friend Andre the Giant’s ranch, Luna’s cremated remains were dispersed.

Young Age And Education

Since her parents divorced in 1996, Luna only spent the first four years of her life with her father Charles Henry Wilkerson, and her mother Rebecca “Van” Pierce. She was later adopted by her mother’s new husband, Butcher Vachon. Although Luna didn’t have any siblings, she grew up being very close to French professional wrestler and actor Andre the Giant.

While still a young child, Luna decided that she would carry on with her family’s wrestling tradition and become a wrestler. Her parents disagreed and tried to talk her out of it, and even her best friend Andre tried to convince her otherwise, but Luna nonetheless started training for wrestling when she was 16 years old.


The following years saw Luna compete while being managed by her stepfather in Japan and Puerto Rico. In 1985, Luna entered Florida Championship Wrestling, and two years later, she joined the Continental Wrestling Association.

Luna wrestled in the American Wrestling Association and David McLane’s Powerful Women of Wrestling before joining the WWF.

At WrestleMania IX in April 1993, Luna made her WWF debut. The following year, she was the first woman to appear in the “WWF Raw” WWF video game. She performed in Extreme Championship Wrestling for two years after leaving the WWF, and then, in late 1996, she began working for the World Wrestling Council, the American Wrestling Federation, and IWA Mid-South.

Luna rejoined the WWF in 1997 and remained there for three years before quitting and resuming her independent career. She toured the globe and entered title matches on her own, competing at the IWA Puerto Rico in 2000 and the Australian World Wrestling All-Stars in 2001. She joined the German EWP in 2003, the British ASW in 2006, and the Women Superstars United in 2007.

After defeating Traci Brooks to win the Great Lakes Championship Wrestling Ladies Championship on June 9, 2007, Luna declared her retirement from the sport on December 5, 2007, and she competed in her final match on December 7.

Additionally, Luna performed some modeling and appeared in “Playboy” and “Hustler” magazines.

Relationship Status

At a party in 1978, Luna and her first husband Dan Hurd were introduced by a common acquaintance. Two years later, they were married in a small ceremony in front of their loved ones. Three months after the wedding, Luna gave birth to their son Joshua, and their second son Van was born in 1982. Both of Luna’s sons love to cook and have participated in “Hell’s Kitchen” competitions.

After her divorce from Dan in 1985, Luna began dating the late American professional wrestler Richard Van Slater, who physically harassed her and finally caused their breakup.

Luna married her childhood friend Tom Nash in 1987; however, the couple separated in 1993 for an unspecified reason. Luna married David Heath, Tom’s best friend, on October 31, 1994. The couple separated in 2006, but they remained close friends until Luna’s passing.

Health, Interests, And Hobbies

Luna, who has bipolar disorder, often known as manic depression, found solace in religion after converting to Christianity in 2004 and was baptized by her ex-husband David and retired professional wrestler Nikita Koloff.

Luna enjoyed traveling, and thanks to her professional wrestling career, she got the opportunity to see nations on every continent, including China and India in Asia and England and France in Europe.

She loved animals and kept two cats, a dog, and a donkey as pets. Monkeys and donkeys were her favorites.

Luna had a way with kids, and she once dreamed of becoming a teacher.

Her favorite actors and actresses were Will Smith and Amanda Seyfried, and some of her favorite films included “I Am Legend,” “I, Robot,” and “Letters to Juliette.” She enjoyed watching romantic comedies in her free time.

Body Structure And Net Worth

Luna Vachon
Luna Vachon (Pinterest)

Luna passed away at the age of 48, making her 58 years old today. She was 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall, weighed about 140lbs, and had beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes (64kgs).

At the time of her passing, Luna’s net worth was thought to be more than $1 million.