Margo Hall
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Margo Hall is an actor, director, and playwright who has won various accolades for her talent. She has worked in many Bay Area theaters as both an actor and a director.

The Catholic University of America is where she obtained her MFA in theater. She was both an actor and a model in the Showbiz world. In April 2005, she completed her first piece of writing, which went on to win the Bay Area’s Glickman Award for a best new play.Margo Hall

Ten Facts About Margo HallMargo Hall

  • Actress Margo Hall is 35 years old, although she hasn’t said when her birthday is.
  • She is of black ethnicity, was born and reared in the United States, and holds American citizenship. Additionally, she has not provided any information regarding her parents or siblings.
  • Margo is 120 pounds and 5 feet 3 inches tall. Brown eyes, brown hair, and a stunning face describe her.
  • Her initial piece of writing won the Bay Area’s Best New Play Glickman Award.
  • With the world premiere of Joyride, which Greg Sarris wrote and adapted from the world premiere of Joyride, Margo made her directing debut.
  • In addition to performing and directing, she is a founding member of Intersection for the Arts resident theatrical company, Campo Santo.
  • She obtained her BFA in drama from Adelphi University and her MFA from the Catholic University of America.
  • Currently, she is a part of the Play Skeleton Crew. Margo has been putting her semi-biography to work as well.
  • Hall has made appearances in two television programs and more than three films. He additionally made guest appearances on three television programs.
  • She has over 1000 followers on Instagram, but she has chosen to keep her account secret.