Who is Rick Yemm? Net Worth, Partner, Biography

Rick Yemm
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Who Exactly Is Rick Yemm?

Rick Yemm is a Canadian trucker and reality TV personality who rose to prominence after appearing in the TV series “Ice Road Truckers” (2007-2012) and its spin-off “IRT: Deadliest Roads” (2010-2011), among other things.

Wikimedia Commons has a page dedicated to Rick Yemm: age, childhood, and education.

Rick Yemm was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, on February 5th – he hasn’t given the year of his birth yet, but he is now in his 40s, according to reports.

There is little information about his past before his appearance on “Ice Road Truckers,” and he has not spoken about his childhood or education.

What Became Of Rick Yemm?

Rick Yemm
Rick Yemm(Pinterest)

Rick’s last appearance as an Ice Road Truckers cast member was at the end of the show’s sixth season in 2012. He had become quite popular among fans due to his personality and attitude, but he sustained a couple of injuries that forced him out of the truck’s cabin and out of work. He is quite active on Facebook, updating his recovery status practically daily.

His most recent injury was sustained by a loader and rendered him completely unable to work. Nonetheless, he is recuperating and hopes to resume full-time work shortly.

Beginnings Of A Career

Hugh ‘Polar Bear’ Rowland, who was already a cast member, recognized Rick and offered him to join the show and his crew. Rick, who had only been a professional trucker for a year, accepted the opportunity and immediately joined the cast of “Ice Road Truckers.” The first episode aired on June 17, 2007, and he battled with Rowland for the duration of the inaugural season.

They frequently got into confrontations and verbal spats, which eventually led to Rick’s dismissal from the squad and departure from the show in the second season. Despite this, he returned for the fifth and sixth seasons, driving primarily in Manitoba, but his latter injuries ended his career as a truck driver.

Ascend To Prominence

Rick’s fame grew as his career progressed, and in addition to “Ice Road Truckers,” he was also included in the spin-off show “IRT: Deadliest Roads,” featuring in two seasons of the popular show.

He proceeded to India with Lisa Kelly and Alex Debogorski, driving down the narrow mountain roads from Delhi to Simla and over the Himalayas. The second season took him to South America, where he drove through Bolivia on the Yungas Road before moving to Peru and driving across the Andes mountain range. His blue mohawk haircut, combined with his aggressive demeanor and occasional battles, gained him popularity!

Rick Yemm’s Net Worth, Height, Weight, And Personality

Rick Yemm is a well-known television personality, and his fortune has grown significantly during his tenure on “Ice Road Truckers” and its spin-off. According to sources, Rick Yemm’s net worth might be as high as $600,000 by the middle of 2020.

Rick’s vital statistics are unknown, however, he is of ordinary height and weight. He is well-known for his hairdo and blue eyes.

Personal Life Of Rick Yemm, Marriage, Wife, And Children

Rick is wary of disclosing anything about his personal life to the world. and has done everything possible to conceal what is going on while the camera is not present. He was married and has a daughter with cystic fibrosis named Alyssa Yemm from his marriage. For the time being, she is feeling OK, and with the proper medication, she is enjoying a full life.

Rick Yemm Information, Facts

Rick Yemm
Rick Yemm(Pinterest)

Rick welcomed the invitation to return for the fifth and sixth seasons of “Ice Road Truckers” since fans adored his appearance and demeanor.

This proved to be a wise decision, and while he is no longer a cast member on the show, he remains popular across the world and is frequently featured in the media, talking about his life and profession, including the conflicts he had with Lisa Kelly and other cast members. Rick didn’t even own the truck when he joined the program; he was the owner of a carpet cleaning company, and therefore trucking came as a bonus.

He put all of the money he earned as a truck driver into the carpet cleaning business. To remain in the “Ice Road Truckers” series, he had to observe a variety of requirements, including driving 16 hours per day and never turning off the truck, among others.

Rick has grown quite popular on social media, and he has his own Facebook page where he keeps fans up to date on his latest ventures. He has over 15,000 followers and can even converse with you if you arrange a meeting.