Zulekha Haywood
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The supermodel and actress Zara Mohammed Abdulmajid, better known by her stage name Iman, and her ex-husband Spencer Haywood are the parents of Zulekha Haywood. Haywood battled with her height since a young age because she was thought to be obese. She had surgery so that she could have the body she wanted.

Zulekha Haywood has since become a businesswoman, accountant, and business analyst. She has held positions at Iman Cosmetics as a revenue and demand planning manager and an account manager.

Who is Zulekha Haywood?

Iman, a supermodel, and Spencer Haywood, a former Olympic gold medalist and current professional basketball player are the parents of Zulekha Haywood. Born on July 5, 1978, in Haywood.

She went to Michigan State University and Mercy High School in Farmington Hills.

Here are seven things you may not know about Zulekha Haywoods.

1. There are four half-siblings for Zulekha Haywoods

In February 1987, when Haywood was only nine years old, her parents divorced. Her parents engaged in a legal battle that wasn’t resolved until 1992.

Haywood’s parents’ other relationships have produced half-siblings for them. She has three sisters—Nikiah, Isis, and Shaakira—through her father.

Alexandra Zahra Jones is the only child her mother had with her second husband, Davis Bowie.

2. When she was a few months old, she made an appearance in ESSENCE magazine.

When Zulekha Haywood was only a few months old, she made her debut. On the ninth anniversary issue of ESSENCE magazine in 1979, she shared a photo with her mother.

She and her parents appeared on the cover of ESSENCE magazine in June 1982.

3. The career of Zulekha Haywood

She spent some time working for her mother’s business after graduating. She was an accountant for her mother’s cosmetic business, Iman Cosmetics. In 2002, she received a promotion to accountant manager, and she later became manager of revenue and demand planning.

Later, Haywood worked as a senior business analyst and brand manager for Jay Manuel Beauty. She also held a buyer and strategic sourcing analyst position with Taymark Inc. The analyst left Portu Sunberg in 2016 after eight months of employment there.

She has over ten years of professional marketing experience, making her an accomplished strategist at the moment.

4. Zulekha Haywood is she in a Relationship?

There are rumors that Haywood and Jason Young wed in 2017 in a small ceremony. They are partners, and they have a child together, so that much is certain.

Lavina Rose Young, her daughter, was born in 2016, and she goes by that name.

5. She and her mother don’t get along very well.

In his autobiography, Haywood’s father claimed that Iman had destroyed both his and their daughter’s lives. He claimed that when their daughter was still battling obesity, his ex-wife once called her a whale.

It was alleged that Zulekha Haywood and her mother had an emotionally abusive relationship.

6. Zulekha Haywood’s loss of weight

Haywood battled obesity as a child. She used to occasionally lose weight but then gain it back, according to reports. Her mother tried to make her go on a diet, but it wasn’t successful.

She disclosed that in her late 20s, she weighed 330 pounds, had heel spurs, and swollen knees. Most of the time, her mother would scold her for eating too much, but she couldn’t help herself.

Haywood admitted that it was too much for her, especially since she is the supermodel’s daughter.

She made contact with a bariatric surgeon around the time she turned 28 and underwent a gastric bypass in 2008. After the surgery, she claimed she felt much better and more self-assured.

7. The Net Worth of Zulekha Haywood is

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, rumors claim Zulekha Haywood has a net worth of more than $4 million. Hers is nowhere near as good as her mother’s.

The supermodel who is Somalian and American is worth more than $120 million. She has worked in the fashion industry and on other projects, such as acting in movies and television, to amass her enormous wealth.

Iman also received a portion of the estate left behind by her late ex-husband. David Bowie’s net worth at the time of his passing was $4230 million.

On the other hand, Haywood’s father has a net worth of more than $3 million. If he had agreed to a Nike offer when he first began his career, he would have been three times wealthier.

A 10% equity stake in the business or $100,000 were the options presented to Spencer Haywood. Sadly, he decided to accept the $100,000 rather than the equity offer.

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