Carmel Rodriguez
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Who is Carmel Rodriguez?

Carmel Rodriguez, a Canadian native from Vancouver, is a fitness instructor, a model, and the vice president of a business that sells gym equipment.

After Carmel Rodriguez posted several exercise videos online, her fame proliferated. The videos’ originality and the particular type of training they recommended helped them become well-known.

Short Career of Carmel Rodriguez

Carmel got a great body as a result of her dedication to the gym. Her acting talent drew interest from various agencies across Canada. Carmel has appeared in more than 20 advertisements, and she shows no signs of stopping.

Carmel always strives to maintain equilibrium in her personal life. When she has leisure time, she enjoys playing with her kids, lifting large objects, and eating healthy meals.

She is a rising celebrity in the fitness sector and is constantly working to expand her company while motivating people all around the world to “lift and live.”

“I bear full responsibility for all I do. I accepted the responsibility and made the decision.

Body Measurements of Carmel Rodriguez

Full Name: Carmel Rodriguez 
HEIGHT: 5’2″ (157.5cm)
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: actor, model, and fitness instructor 
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)

“Dieting, like exercise, is about balance.”

Carmel Rodriguez


Carmel is a social media star, entrepreneur, actor, and fitness trainer. She’s also a vice president of a fitness company based in Canada.


  • Fitness Trainer of the Year 2011
  • Fitness Manager of the Year 2012


HIIT Exercises

Carmel frequently performs HIIT workouts to build “all the small stabilizing muscles.” She safeguards herself against harm in this way when working out with weights.

She believes it’s essential to have enough rest and a good diet. she is allowing the muscles sufficient time to rest before performing another HIIT workout.

She performs HIIT three to four times a week, but she doesn’t suggest “newcomers” follow that kind of workout frequency. Carmel occasionally replaces her HIIT sessions with plyometrics when she senses that her body is becoming fatigued.

“I’m not sure if I’ll succeed in all I try so hard for. But I’m going to keep trying, for sure. If there is a will, then things will happen. This is my ability, my manner, and my endeavor. In that case, it moves on to the subsequent item. Rodriguez, Carmel

Training Approach

Carmel loves to train without weights the majority of the time since she values functionality over strength. While working out, she will sporadically “throw in” a few heavier sets to make up for weaker body regions.

Carmel always makes sure to stretch properly after each workout, giving close attention to the muscles she worked out that day. Carmel Rodriguez likes to stretch by hanging her legs from the pull-up bar.

She asserted that while stretching releases the compression and “elongates the spine anew,” being upright all the time compresses the spine. She performs this specific stretch three times, for a total of around three sets.

Favorite Workouts

The lunge is one of Carmel’s favorite exercises. She frequently performs this exercise to begin her leg workout days. She claims that it is one of the primary causes of her excellent leg growth.

Smith-machine squats are just another of Carmela’s favorite exercises. She thinks this exercise is a perfect substitute for standard squats because it offers the same advantages while putting less strain on the lower back.

Carmela’s opinions on squats and lunges;

Although these workouts are straightforward to perform, you must give them your all. Your body is capable of becoming exhausted, but how you respond when you are worn out and exhausted determines how things turn out for you. Rodriguez, Carmel

How should I eat? I eat to keep myself going so I can jump rope, do handstands, run five miles, do burpees, be a mom, a trainer, a business owner, and a student – and do it every day.

Carmel Rodriguez


Carmel has a straightforward food plan. She avoids sugars and only consumes organic meals. Instead of using cheat meals, she pays attention to her body. This implies that while she may occasionally eat something less wholesome, she will never binge.

Also emphasized by Carmel was the fact that she serves fresh veggies with every meal. Carmel claims that eating a lot of veggies not only benefits her physical health but also her gut flora, which is in charge of her mental wellness.

Two free-range eggs and chicken breast for your post-workout meal
100% Natural Chopped Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Fire Belly Sauce (tomato, ground pepper, and garlic)

“Athletes don’t diet and exercise; they eat and train.”

What Can Carmel Rodriguez Teach Us?

Being authentic is a message Carmel Rodriguez frequently shares with her followers. She credited her character and honesty as being the main factors in her achievement. Carmel developed a successful training business using her training methodology.

Carmel, if anything, taught us to not be frightened of being different. Her training regimen was unique compared to other well-known fitness plans, and it was a risk that paid off handsomely.

Just keep Carmel’s story in mind if you have a goal in mind but are worried about failing or standing out too much. “Until you give it a try, you won’t know.”