Jordan Syatt

Losing weight is not easy for everyone. There are some who find it next to impossible to do so.

And the confusing and contradictory advices on the internet only add to the woes. Here are some common myths associated with food eating habits and weight loss. A personal trainer and fitness expert, Jordan Syatt debunks them.

Jordan Syatt explains on foods to lose weight

Jordan Syatt is a fitness expert and celebrity personal trainer. He spoke to Express UK about the myths revolving around food consumption and weight loss.

People who want to slim look up for advice and tips on the internet. It is full of info but there are a lot of misconceptions as well that are spread on it.

Jordan said that people who desire to shed their excess fat stop having carbohydrates completely. He feels that this is wrong because carbohydrates-rich foods also provide fiber and other nutrients.

And limiting carbohydrates makes one hungry and they eat more. This nullifies the effect of no carbs to lose weight.

Jordan Syatt
Slimmers omit carbs completely (Source: NDTV Food)

Jordan said:

carbs are often great sources of nutrients, and fibre also has links not only to weight loss, but also to lower risks of bowel cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and more”.

“There are plenty of reasons to limit refined carbs like sugar and white flour – they are not filling and very low in nutrients and fibre – but it is important not to go to extremes when it comes to cutting out carbohydrates,”

Should fats be totally stopped?

Slimmers often completely eliminate fats from their diet. Jordan said:

many people eat extremely high-fat diets, like the ketogenic diet, and still lose weight.”

He feels that though fats have more cals per gramme consumed, they are essential for the body:

But that does not mean you should eliminate fat altogether: it serves essential functions like maintaining hormonal health and improving your absorption of essential nutrients, like vitamin D.”

Jordan Syatt
Some skip food at night to lose weight. This is not right (Source: TOI)

Some claim that having dinner just before going to sleep adds weight to the body. Jordan corrected:

Ultimately, a calorie is a calorie at 8am and 8pm – it does not matter what time you are eating, it matters how much you are eating.”

Are detox diets a healthy way to live?

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Jordan is not fond of detox diets. He feels they have a specific purpose and one cannot use it as a lifestyle. Elaborating on it, he explained:

“The harsh reality is that detoxes and cleanses have no benefits and zero research to support them.

“When people claim detoxes are scientifically backed, it is usually because it contains antioxidants, which help the body to fight free radicals, which contribute to ageing – some like to call free radicals ‘toxins, or that it contains milk thistle.'”

Jordan Syatt
Weight losing (Source: People)

It might help people with a faulty liver but there is no evidence to prove that it is good for people with a healthy liver.