Kim Stacey

We have been made to think that slimness is healthy and hence body shaming occurs. In this world where there are fitness coaches that preach different kinds of diet for weight loss, there is also Kim Stacey who is anti-diet and promotes body positivity.

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Fat shaming and overweight

There is a preconceived notion amongst the people and health personnel that remaining thin is healthy. This is true but to a certain extent only. There are many people in this world who do not fit into the slim category. But they are not unhealthy. They are able to do their routine work with no problems and they also have no health issues. They are not extremely fat.

Kim Stacey
Kim Stacey and her company (Source: Chronicle live)

But society gives them feelings of guilt and fear. Hence they start feeling insecure about their physical body. They try to diet and lose weight. They might suffer from mental depression due to constant fat shaming. Life becomes worthless to live for them. Most dietitians give them weight goals. These goals they may achieve or fail to achieve. Further, this only complicates matters.

But we have a fitness coach from Newcastle who is anti-diet and promotes body positivity. Her name is Kim Stacey and she has a strong message for body shamers.

Kim Stacey and her anti-diet approach to fitness

Kim Stacey is founder of the Body Image Fitness, an online fitness business. This firm provides exercises but there is a difference. Kim tells her clients to not diet but to eat whatever they want. Further, this mother aged 37 from Kenton tells them to not feel bad about their body. But she tells them to celebrate their body without being worried about the figures on the scale.

Kim Stacey
Kim Stacey and her kid (Source: Chronicle live)

Kim’s focus is to boost body confidence and improve physical and mental health and well-being. Her exercise sessions include belly dance, kettlebells, and burlesque. She battled excess weight for many years. In order to spare other women of this ordeal, she began her own company in 2020. She says:

“Body Image Fitness is different because I make it clear you do not need to change a thing about your body to gain body acceptance or a better perception of yourself,”

“It comes from what’s inside – no amount of changing the outside will help.”


Though there are many who praise her no diet fitness method, she has her share of criticism too. People accuse Kim of promoting obesity and its health consequences. She admits that it is a controversial concept:

“People feel very strongly about it. I get accused of this horrible term of ‘promoting obesity’.”

Kim Stacey
Kim Stacey (Source: Chronicle Live)

She narrates:

“I suffered from disordered eating and when I got to my slimmest, my goal weight, I was so ill. Since I stepped away from that I have become a lot healthier but I have got bigger.”

“I am trying to let people see that we are not all supposed to be one size and that the amount of physical activity you do is a much better marker of health than losing weight a lot of the time.”

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Kim adds:

“Times are changing, people realise now that diets just don’t work and it’s time to start celebrating our bodies and what they do for us.”