Diabetes mellitus is a condition of high blood sugar. People with diabetes cease consumption of foods and drinks that can raise their blood sugar levels. But do you know that there are some condiments that are equally bad for such patients? Which are these that diabetic patients should avoid?

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a condition of high blood sugar levels both during the fasting phase as well as after meals. The causes are genetic, low insulin secretion, high insulin resistance, stress, etc. Lack of sleep and consumption of certain foods can worsen it. A sedentary life style is also bad for such patients.

Ketchup (Source: Wikipedia)

The state of high blood sugar predisposes the person to infections in the body. It affects arteries and heart and also other vital organs of the body such as kidneys. Refined foods and added sugars can worsen the condition. Certain sugary drinks also cause elevated blood sugars in such people. But there are some condiments that are also bad in diabetics. One tends to overlook them and consider them harmless in causing a blood sugar rise. But they do. Which are these condiments?

Dietitian Laura Burak is founder of founder of GetNaked® Nutrition and an author of cookbooks. She says:

As with most packaged products, seemingly innocent, everyday condiments can contain hidden sources of sugar,”

“So, my first piece of advice when perusing the aisles of the market is to look at ingredients first and begin to recognize words like ‘syrup,’ ‘dextrose,’ and ‘molasses,’ so you are more informed of what you’re buying and consuming.”

Furthermore, Laura warns:

Instead of pouring excess sugar and salt on your food, condiments are a great way to enhance the taste of food and to get more healthy foods like veggies into your diet,”

“But just remember—a little goes a long way.”


Ketchups go well with a number of fried foods and snacks and also with Chinese food. But they have added sugar in it. Laura cautions:

Most ketchup on the market contains added sugar, usually in the form of high-fructose corn syrup,”

“So, watch out for sources of sugar and check out grams per serving to make a better choice when it comes to picking ketchup,”

Honey mustard

Honey mustard (Source: The Novice chef)

This seasoning has honey which though healthy contains a lot of calories and sugar. Laura explains:

“Honey is a ‘natural’ sugar, but it is still simple sugar,”

“Your body will interpret it exactly the same way as table sugar. So although the word [‘honey mustard’] may make it sound healthier on the label, beware of the word ‘honey’ when used in condiments. It is just another way to add pure sugar to food.”

Salad dressings

Commercial salad dressings are highly processed products with added sugars and food additives. Laura advises:

“We need to begin to taste our food again in its basic form without the need to douse everything in dressings and sauces, aka excess sugar and salt,”

Further, she adds:

There’s a reason I suggest asking for dressing on the side when you eat out at a restaurant,”

“The chef will use a lot more than you will.”

Teriyaki sauce

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Teriyaki sauce (Source: The daring gourmet)

On this Japanese sauce, Laura says:

“Bottled teriyaki sauce typically contains added sugar to give it that syrupy taste and thickness,”

Other additives such as cornstarch and high-fructose corn syrup are present in some sauces. Her suggestion:

Just make sure to use a little bit when you make your next stir fry,”