Oral health

Oral health is an important aspect of health but it is also the most neglected one. We do not take adequate measures to keep our oral cavity healthy. This is due to lack of time, interest and awareness of it. Besides brushing, rinsing mouth after meals, and preventive oral and dental care, there are certain foods that one should avoid in order to prevent dental caries and gum problems! Which are these foods that are bad for the mouth?

Oral health: the neglected area

Often due to our busy work schedules, or due to lack of interest or lack of knowledge, we do not pay enough attention to the care of our teeth and gums. These are such an important part of our personality and smile. But we overlook it. We realize when it becomes too late and our dental issues start cropping up one by one.

Brushing of teeth twice a day, proper rinsing of mouth after foods, preventive dental consultation can assist in mitigating our sufferings due to it. But do you know that certain foods can also increase the likelihood of dental and gum problems? Which are these foods that one should avoid to keep oral health intact?

Oral health
Crackers (Source: Wikipedia)


When we eat crackers, the carbs in them break down easily in the mouth and become sugars. The mouth enzymes bring about this breakdown of carbs. The bacteria in the oral cavity feast on these sugars and release acids. These reach the teeth, form plaques, and cause tooth decay. Hence, avoid crackers if you value your teeth. Instead take those made from seeds and nuts but no wheat.

Dried fruits

These might be healthy for the body but they are unhealthy for the mouth and teeth. This is because the dried fruits have very less water (as the name suggests). These fruits are a sticky caramel that releases sugar in the mouth. The mouth bacteria feed on it and produce acids that harm the teeth.

These dried fruits also have a low pH and the acidic medium is bad for teeth. Prefer fresh fruits as their extra water is good for the teeth and mouth.


Oral health
Carbonated drinks (Source: Shutterstock)

Sodas (sugary or diet) are unhealthy for the teeth. These have a pH of 2 to 3 which is highly acidic. Such a low pH causes tooth decay, gum inflammation, and disrupted oral microbiome. If you want to have it, take it with a straw, and rinse your mouth after drinking it.


This fermented drink has healthy bacteria and antioxidants that are beneficial for the body. But the commercial preparations might contain added sugars that can cause dental erosion. Moreover, though claimed they might not have significant amount of the healthy bacteria. Due to all, this kombucha is not good for oral health.

Look out for kombucha that has visible particles in it. Also choose one with no added sugars. After consuming it, rinse your mouth immediately and brush teeth after 45 minutes.

Beans and lentils

Oral health
Beans and lentils (Source: Hometown life)

Beans and lentils have a lot of proteins and fiber. Both are good for the body. But its negative point is that these protein rich foods also contain a lot of phytic acid. And this can lead to tooth decay. Additionally, this phytic acid binds to the calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and vitamin D of foods and prevents their absorption.

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One can remove phytic acid by soaking the beans and lentils overnight in water. Also, Sprouted grains and beans have reduced phytic acid.