vegetable preparations

Vegetables are advisable for health and weight loss reasons. They are low calories and healthy. But often, recipes using vegetables are such that rather than making them nutritious, the food dishes become unhealthy. Below are some vegetable preparations that are unhealthy.

Vegetables, vegetable preparations and health

Vegetables are a healthy addition to any food dish. You can make a veggie food dish or add veggies to other food dishes such as spinach in omelette, veggies in salads, veggies in pancakes etc.

Vegetables increase the nutrition of the food dish with no rise in calories. They contain fiber and antioxidants. Fiber is good for gut health, prevents inflammation and chronic diseases, controls blood sugar and bad cholesterol, and also reduces risk of cancer. Similarly, antioxidants are useful nutrients that promote health and prevent age-related chronic diseases of the body.

But often, people create recipes of vegetables that cause a decrease in the nutritive value of the vegetable dish. Below are such vegetable preparations that turn unhealthy due to the way they are cooked.

Tempura eggplant

vegetable preparations
Tempura eggplant (Source: Food and wine)

Eggplant has a lot of nutrients in it. It is rich in fiber and antioxidants. The tempura eggplant is slices of eggplant that are battered and fried. But this dish has a lot of calories and is unhealthy.

Firstly, the peel of the eggplant is removed in this dish. The peel has a lot of antioxidants in it. Hence depeeling the vegetable causes a loss of the nutritious phytochemicals. Then the batter to cover the eggplant slices are made of egg, flour and water. Refined flour is unhealthy. It can add calories. The battered slices are then deep fried in oil. This oil adds a lot of calories to the dish. The dip served with this food dish also has added sugar and salt. Therefore, bear in mind all this before you devour this dish.

Beet chips

Beets are full of iron, fiber and vitamin C. But not many people love this vegetable due to its earthy flavor. Eating it cooked is nutritious. But if you fry it in oil and add salt, its nutritive value falls. This type of beets have excess calories and fats. The added salt can increase blood pressure.

Fried okra

vegetable preparations
Fried okra (Source: Dinner at the zoo)

Okra has fiber, vitamin C, other nutrients and low calories. Consumed in the southern states, it has weight and health benefits and is flavorful. Stewing and sauteeing it preserves its nutrition. But when fried, its calories content and fats content rise. It could then lead to weight gain.

Spinach artichoke dip

Spinach and artichoke are good vegetables. But in dip form, they are not so. Because the cream cheese, source cheese and other cheese used to make the dip adds fats and high calories to it.

Spinach has vitamin C, iron, and potassium along with other nutrients. And artichoke has lots of vitamin K and fiber. The vitamin C and K get destroyed with heat. Hence the nutritive value of the dish drops. People eat bread with the dip and bread is a low quality carb with high calories. The combination becomes unhealthy.

Carrot cake

vegetable preparations
Carrot cake (Source: All recipes)

Carrots have lutein, vitamin C and iron. But cooking degrades vitamin C and lutein. The carrot cake has added refined flour, sugar, oil, and cream and this can make the ultimate food less healthy.

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Vegetable gratin

This has a lot of vegetables. But this dish has also cheese, heavy cream, butter, and bread crumbs. These are carbs and fats with a lot of calories. Some vegetables used in this recipe are starchy such as the sweet potato. Hence the dish has more calories and can be a problem for slimmers.