Proper hydration

Proper hydration is vital for the body and bodily functions. But one tends to overlook this aspect of health often.

With busy schedules in life both at the workplace and home, remaining well-hydrated is missed. How to be hydrated well? What are the easy and sure ways for it?

Proper hydration and body

Adequate hydration is important to carry out the various functions of the body. It is a must for our body well being and health. But often, we ignore this important aspect of our body’s needs.

We forget to drink enough water and fluids in a day. This could be due to our habits or busy lifestyle. Kimberly Snyder is a nutritionist from Los Angeles, California, USA. She opines:

“Everything in your body depends on optimal hydration, from organ function to hormone balance,”

“When you’re hydrated, your joints are lubricated, your skin is being nourished, and your hair follicles are able to grow in healthfully.”

Without proper hydration, skin loses its luster, hair becomes brittle, we feel energyless, and the body detoxifying process slows down. The toxins accumulate in the body and make us feel fatigued and heavy.

Digestion and brain function are also gets affected. Kimberly caters to the diet needs of celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore.

Easy ways to hydrate self

1. Individualize your water needs


Proper hydration
Water is vital for the body (Source: News Medical)

Normally, they say to have 8 glasses of water per day. But every individual needs are different. Factors such as age, gender, activity level, weather, and individual needs play a role.

Generally, women require 1.7 liters of water per day, and men 3.7 liters. But the rule of thumb is, says Kimberly:

“Drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh every day,”

2. Have enough electrolytes

Plain water is good but electrolytes are also essential for the body. Rhian Stephenson, nutritionist adds:

In fact, drinking too much water without sufficient electrolytes can just exacerbate the issue,”

Avoid sugary drinks.

3. Room-temperature drinks

Room temperature water is more hydrating than cold water. The body has to bring cold water to normal temperature before absorption. Cold water also contracts gut blood vessels and slows digestion.

4. Morning hydration important

Kimberly explains:

We often get dehydrated overnight,”

She adds:

Hydrating in the morning will give you more energy and set you up for a day of success.”

5. Drink in between meals

Proper hydration
Cucumbers are good for hydration (Source: Women health)

Avoid drinking during meals. Kimberly elaborates:

“Too much liquid with meals dilutes your digestive juices and can delay dehydration,”

Have fluids half an hour before meals and one hour after them.

6. Water-rich foods

Have foods that have higher water content. Kimberly states:

“Obviously water is the first and most obvious source of hydration, but there are some great vegetables you can eat that will help keep you hydrated,”

Cucumbers and celery are two such vegetables that are rich in water. Fruits such as watermelon are also useful.

7. Caffeine and alcohol compensation

Caffeine and alcohol increase urine output. If you have these two drinks, compensate and drink more water.

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8. Always carry water in a bottle

Proper hydration
Water bottle (Source: Houstonia magazine)

Carrying a water bottle reminds one to have water in between during travel or work.