No teeth

Old age requires more nutritious foods. But sadly, the teeth have fallen and dentures might not be so effective. In such cases, how do meet the nutrition demands of the body of people with no teeth?

Old age and loss of teeth

It is inevitable. Old age comes on every person and it comes with its problems. And one of the problems is the loss of teeth. Teeth are so vital for chewing foods. And the absence of teeth implies that food mastication would be difficult.

A person with no teeth might have to switch to liquid foods that might not be so healthy. Artificial dentures can fill in this deficiency of dentition. But often due to gum erosion, dentures also give a hard time to the wearer. Talking and food chewing get affected negatively.

No teeth
Mashed potatoes (Source: Gimme some oven)

In such circumstances, what is the way out? How do meet the nutrition demands of the body? One can opt for easy-to-chew foods that have also a health element in them. Which are these foods that are good and nutritious for people with no teeth?

Foods that are best for people with no teeth

There are certain foods that the elderly with no teeth or faulty dentures can also consume easily and derive their daily nutrition.

Mashed potatoes

These potatoes are boiled and then mashed to a soft consistency. One can add ingredients, spices, and condiments to it as per the taste. They are easy to eat as well as digest. They have a lot of good minerals and vitamins and also complex carbs and fiber.

Scrambled eggs or boiled eggs

Soft-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs with a bit of salt and black pepper are excellent sources of proteins and healthy fats. They are also easily made and can be eaten without teeth.

Steamed vegetables

Veggies have a lot of nutrients that are a must for the elderly population. One can eat it without teeth as well. It is better to steam the veggies rather than boil them.

Because with boiling, the nutrients get leached into the water that is discarded. But with steaming the nutrients remain intact in the veggies.

No teeth
Yogurt (Source: Wikipedia)


This is a rich source of calcium and proteins; both are essential for the aging population. It is a probiotic and restores the healthy bacteria in the gut. Add fresh fruit pieces and honey into the yogurt for more nutrition and taste.


Soups are healthy. They can be vegetarian ones or non-veg ones. They are tasty as well as healthy. And they can be easy to consume by toothless people too.

Oats: good for elderly with no teeth

No teeth
Cooked oats with fruits and milk (Source: Jessica Gavin)

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Oats are packed with a lot of proteins and fiber. They are good for the gut. And once mixed with milk or water, they become soft and sticky and can be gulped down easily even without teeth.


Beans have a lot of proteins and fiber as well as iron. They are extremely healthy for aged people. If cooked adequately, they become soft and can be consumed even when teeth are absent or less in number.


Fish with some spices and seasoning is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They also have antioxidants. Cod and salmon are good and are soft enough to be consumed without the need for much chewing.