9 Best Dumbbell Lat Exercises (with Videos)
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The lats would undoubtedly be at the top of the list of the most significant muscles in the human body whether we were considering bodybuilding, strength training, or aesthetics.

Your lats play a significant part in enhancing your strength, but bigger lats can also drastically improve your appearance.

You must therefore regularly exercise your lats. Several exercises use machines, barbells, and, of course, dumbbells to target your lats and other back muscles.

You can avoid the possibility of muscle imbalance by performing a variety of unilateral and bilateral movements while performing some lat exercises with dumbbells.

Therefore, you must include at least one or two dumbbell lat exercises in your back-training regimen.

With proper form and video demonstration, we will walk you through nine fantastic dumbbell lat exercises in this article.

What Will I Discover?

The Top Nine Lat Exercises Using Dumbbells

You can work your lats with dumbbells in a variety of ways to develop bigger, stronger lats. If you perform them properly, you’ll increase both your strength and appearance.

The top 9 dumbbell lat exercises for both compound and isolated movements are listed below.

Hand-only dumbbell row
Undoubtedly one of the most well-liked dumbbell lat exercises is the one-hand dumbbell row. Although the same exercises can be performed with barbells or machines, using dumbbells has its benefits.

What Makes It Important9 Best Dumbbell Lat Exercises (with Videos)

The one-handed dumbbell row is a great compound exercise for developing your lats, delts, and biceps. Additionally, it strengthens your core. Try including this dumbbell lat exercise in your routine.

Additionally, the one-arm dumbbell row is a unilateral exercise, unlike when you use barbells or machines. This is a great way to guarantee that the effect is felt by both of your hands.


Obtaining a bench and a dumbbell is the first step.

With the other leg firmly planted on the ground, place one knee on the bench.

Grab the dumbbell with the arm that is parallel to the surface you are standing on. That is, hold the dumbbell in your right hand if your left knee is positioned on the bench. The other hand should be firmly positioned on the bench in an appropriate area.

Keep a straight posture. Your shoulders should be drawn in and your torso should be straight and unbent.

Now, extend your arm as far as it will go while lowering the dumbbell

The dumbbell should now be raised to your torso level as you pull it upward

Repeat after allowing it to slowly return to its starting position.

Go to the other side to finish a set after performing it for a predetermined number of reps.

Inverted Row

Another dumbbell lat exercise that targets more of your back is the bent-over row.

What Makes It Important

The two-arm row is superior to one-arm dumbbell rows for symmetrical activation. If you’re trying to get a “V” shape in your back, it can be a great addition to your exercise regimen.


Grab two dumbbells with your arms facing inward.

Put your feet firmly on the ground as you stand.

Knees should be bent so that the leg portion is under the knees and your thighs are inclined.

Although your torso should bend forward, your spine should remain perfectly straight.

Start by spreading your arms outward; this is your starting position.

Now, simultaneously row both dumbbells upward. Dumbbells should be almost at the same level as your torso while pulling, with elbows coming behind you!

Release the dumbbells slowly to their initial position at this point. The first rep is finished.

Always strive to keep your posture consistent throughout the set. In addition to making it ineffective, poor posture, like a bent back, can also lead to injuries.

Exhale as you pull it upwards, and then inhale as you let it go to practice proper breathing.

Dumbbell Inclined Lying Row

The T machine row is a dumbbell variation known as the inclined dumbbell lying row.

What Makes It Important

This is a great lat dumbbell exercise to target your entire lat region. The incline dumbbell lying row aids in improving your arm balance more so than the machine row.


Grab two dumbbells and an inclined bench.

Place your chest on the bench as you lay down. Put a firm foot on the foot stand.

The dumbbells should be extended downward. Breathe in deeply.

Your back muscles and shoulder blades should feel the impact as you pull the dumbbells upward.

Release it back to its starting position gradually once it has arrived there. Relax and take a breath.

The first rep is finished.

Lock Row

A dumbbell lat exercise similar to the Incline dumbbell row, the Seal row is nothing more than that. But in this instance, a straight bench will be used instead of an inclined one.

What Makes It Important

The seal row guarantees better form than the inclined dumbbell row. Your lat will be fully engaged because you will be lying straight.


Grab a straight bench and two dumbbells.

Lie on your chest on the bench.

With your arms, grab the dumbbells as you inhale properly.

Dumbbells are pulled upward. Your torso should be above the elbows.

Once a rep is finished, slowly return to the starting position.

Weighted Deadlift

Without a doubt, one of the best compound exercises with a focus on the back is the deadlift. Dumbbells can also be used to perform deadlifts, though barbells are more common.

What Makes It Important

If you want to build stronger lats and a bigger back, deadlifts are excellent exercises.


Put a dumbbell in each hand and take two.

With your foot firmly planted on the ground, stand with your hips apart.

Put your arms out to the side.

Bend your knees and push your hips backward until the dumbbells are on the ground.

Your back should now be positioned backward, your knees bent, and your torso should be as straight as you can.

Lift yourself and attempt to stand while pulling the dumbbells upward.

After that, revert to your starting position and attempt the following rep!

The renegade row is a great dumbbell exercise for the lats.

What Makes It Important

The renegade row is a compound exercise that works your core in addition to your lats.


Pick up two dumbbells.

Be in the upper plank position, knees hip distance apart, and arms as straight as you can.

Hold your torso still.

Each hand should be holding a dumbbell. Dumbbells will be in your hands, not your arms, and they will be touching the ground.

After you’ve settled into position, raise the dumbbell on that side about as high as your torso.

To finish the rep, return it to the starting position and repeat with the other arm.

Row, Kroc

A dumbbell lat exercise that makes the best use of momentum is the Kroc row. Despite having a similar appearance to the standard one-arm dumbbell exercise, the working is a little different.

Why it’s crucial

You can easily use heavier weights when performing the Kroc row than with the majority of other back exercises. Therefore, it is a great exercise to increase your strength while developing your lats.


Consider one dumbbell; there is nothing wrong with trying a heavier weight.

Find a sturdy surface where you can rest one of your arms, then bend so that your body forms a 30 to 45-degree angle with the vertical.

Once one arm is on the support, extend the other arm holding the dumbbell vertically downward.

Draw up the dumbbell. Your torso, dumbbells, and elbow should all be near your rib cage.

To finish the rep, slowly return the weight to its starting position.

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The next exercise on our list of the best lat dumbbell exercises is the dumbbell pullover.

What Makes It Important

Dumbbell pullovers are a great compound exercise that works both your chest and your Lats. When performed properly, it aids in the development of a larger back.

But bear in mind that even a small change could result in a larger impact on your chest than necessary.


Grab a dumbbell; if the exercise is difficult, lighter weights will work just fine.

Locate a bench and sit down there. Either lie parallels to the bench or perpendicular to it.

Put your feet firmly on the ground while keeping your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

Use both of your arms to hold the dumbbell, just as you would for a two-arm triceps extension.

Slowly raise it over your face while bending your elbows just a little bit.

To effectively target your lats rather than your chest, keep your arms as close as you can.

Slowly bring your arms back until they are parallel to your torso.

To finish a rep, return your arms to the starting position.

Aim for a reasonable amount of reps per set.

Weighted Yates Row

The difference between the dumbbell yates row and the two-arm row is that you won’t be bending nearly as much.

What Makes It Important

The dumbbell yates row’s most notable benefit is that it provides you with a special ROM or range of motion. The exercise bears the name of a former Olympian champion who performed it frequently, Dorian Yates.


With your palms facing your legs, take two dumbbells. Put your feet shoulder-width apart and stand.

Pushing your back a little bit back while bending your knee.

Torso should be at a 60° angle from the ground or with a slight bend.

Tuck your elbows in and raise the dumbbells. The oblique muscle in your abs should be a couple of inches above the dumbbells.

To finish the rep, return the dumbbells to their initial position.

Lat Exercise Using Only Dumbbells

One of the most crucial muscle groups for both strength and appearance is the lat. Although there are many lat exercises you can do with machines and barbells, employing dumbbells has certain benefits of its own.

You can begin this dumbbell-only lat exercise on your subsequent back day.

Lat exercise with only dumbbells

Deadlift using dumbbells: 4 sets of 6 reps.

3 sets of 10 reps for the Kroc Row.

3 sets of 10 reps for the seal row

Inclined dumbbell rows: three sets of ten repetitions.

3 sets of 10 reps for dumbbell pullovers.

3 sets of 10 reps for the one-handed dumbbell row

the conclusion

These were the top 9 dumbbell lat exercises. To guarantee bigger lat, include a combination of them in your back day routine.

For optimal results, perform them using good form and breathing methods.