Abby Pollock
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Who Is Abby Pollock?

Fitness enthusiast and online celebrity from Toronto, Canada, Abby Pollock. She established a reputation online by consistently sharing inspirational and instructional content on her social media platforms.

Abby experienced significant undereating as a child. She was 20 pounds underweight for a long time before deciding that eating more would be the only way to feel stronger, better, and happier once more.

Abby eventually succeeded in developing a fitness regimen and a high-protein diet that suited her requirements after employing a personal trainer and nutritionist.

She was doing too much cardio before, so she cut back on the number of sessions and noticed an immediate increase in muscle mass.

Today, Abby has motivated several women to pursue their own health goals. She has a large number of fans on both YouTube and Instagram, where she is quite well-liked. Here is her account:

“I pretended I was adhering to these diets for moral reasons, but in reality, I was utilizing them as a way to further limit and hide my disordered habits,” the author said.

Body Measurements Of Abby PollockĀ 

Full Name: Abby Pollock
PROFESSION: Physique Competitor
ERA: 2010


Short Career Of Abby Pollock Abby Pollock

Although Abby always desired to be slimmer, she was active and involved in sports throughout her childhood. She was 20 pounds underweight and battling anorexia and bulimia when she started engineering school in her late teens.

Abby utilized food as a “haven” because she was having trouble in school and had some interpersonal issues at the time.

She kept track of her diet using a well-known fitness app, making sure she only consumed the very minimum amount of food required to get through the day.

This meant that Abby was only consuming about 900 to 1,000 calories per day while studying and exercising regularly.

As she dropped weight on this diet, she grew preoccupied with losing more weight and adopted a diet that was more and more stringent, moving from a simple “clean” diet to a paleo diet consisting solely of raw foods.

She Acknowledged She Was In Pain

Abby gradually understood that she needed to modify her way of living because this diet consistently made her feel exhausted.

When she was at her lowest, her normal day consisted of a hard workout, a vegetable smoothie for breakfast, and a modest salad for lunch and dinner.

Overcoming Family Issues While Maintaining FitnessAbby Pollock

She learned that her father had terminal cancer in 2013. Abby began searching for relief from her anguish as a result of this news and some problems in her love life.

She desired to feel better so that she would be better equipped to handle her problems.

When thinking back on this time, she states, “I was done being the victim.” She hired a holistic nutritionist to help her get her diet under control as well as a personal trainer to assist her with her workouts.

Abby progressively upped her daily calorie intake to 2,000 calories as a result.

She dramatically transformed her figure by creating a good fitness routine and food regimen.

She understood that she could achieve the physique she genuinely desired by lifting heavy weights as opposed to starving herself and looking thin and unfit.

Abby Pollock’s physique improved from 1000 to 1700 calories per day, displaying her toned arms and glutes.

Utilizing Social Media To Benefit Others

After this experience, Abby was able to gain attention for her tale on her social media platforms.

Additionally, she was able to secure interviews with prominent women’s lifestyle publications where she discussed her experience and described how she turned her life around.

She started using this page to post inspirational movies and photographs once she had amassed a following on Instagram. Abby thought it was the perfect platform to assist other ladies who were having weight problems.

She started making YouTube videos as a result of her fame to get her name out there. She was able to connect with a completely new audience as a result, and by 2017 she had amassed over 380,000 followers.


Adapting Her Perspective On Training

Abby used to exercise for two hours each day for cardio. Abby was burning way too many calories doing this, which prevented her from getting the figure she wanted.

She reduced the number of weekly cardio workouts to two shorter ones after discussing a new strategy with her trainer.

She started lifting heavy weights in addition to doing cardio exercises to develop real muscle tone. To lift as much weight as she could without feeling like she would have to sacrifice her form, she added four weightlifting sessions per week.

Her glutes and quads showed impressive increases as she started to finish these treatments. With the weighted exercises she had always dreaded, she was creating the body of her dreams.


Abby typically works out for an hour four times per week. She will work on her shoulders and triceps one day, her back and biceps the next, then her lower body for the next two days.

She enjoys performing a variety of body weight exercises, including weighted squats, step-ups, hip thrusts, and others.

Before a tournament, Abby Pollock got tanned and displayed her well-toned abs, quads, and arms.


Adaptable Dietary Plan

While Abby had significant pain at the beginning of her exercise and nutrition regimen, she eventually created a perfect diet for the figure she desired.

She now consumes whatever she wants to eat as long as it satisfies her daily calorie requirements.

Abby also pays attention to the macronutrients Abby needs each day, incorporating carbs, protein, and good fats into the majority of her meals. She has created a food plan (below) that calls for four balanced meals spread out throughout the day.

Alternate-Day Fasting

Abby has included intermittent fasting in her diet in addition to eating healthier than before. This entails a 16-hour fast each day, which is supposed to improve the body’s ability to use stored energy.

It has helped me rebuild my relationship with food, and get in touch with my natural hunger cues, and it has given me the lifestyle flexibility to eat larger meals (even those from restaurants) while still moving toward my goal.

Meal No. 1

  • Eggs scrambled with veggies and ground turkey.
  • Apple with baby carrots for a snack.

Meal No. 2

  • Oatmeal, egg whites, almond milk, cocoa, and a blend of stevia make up “chocolate oats.”

Meal No. 3

  • spaghetti squash topped with a cheddar and almond milk cheese sauce, veggies, and ground turkey.

Meal No. 4

  • Protein ice cream is made with a banana, almond milk, ice, and protein powder.
  • Abby Pollock displaying her back and glutes

What Abby Pollock Can Teach Us?

To better her life, Abby changed her diet and exercise regimen. She was undereating, so she understood that changing her attitude toward her food would be the only way for her to feel better and happy.

Abby Pollock created a diet rich in protein, carbohydrates, and good fats, which helped her body. She serves as an example for all women, demonstrating that lifting weights is a healthy method to achieve your ideal figure.