Abdelaziz Jellali
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Who is Abdelaziz Jellali?

Moroccan bodybuilder Abdelaziz Jelliali competes professionally. He began weight training at the age of 17, swiftly developing his strength and physique.

Short Career of Abdelaziz Jellali

When Abdelaziz Jellali turned 21, he began participating in bodybuilding competitions. He received the IFBB Pro Card after winning the Mr. Olympia Amateur World competition in 2014.

He finished in the top 15 participants at Mr. Olympia, the world’s largest bodybuilding competition, the following year.

Since then, Abdelaziz has only gained more popularity. Abdelaziz Jellali has established himself as one of the most recognizable figures in Moroccan bodybuilding thanks to his accomplishments to date.

Body Measurements of Abdelaziz Jellali

Full Name: Abdelaziz Jellali
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Professional Bodybuilder
AGE: 255 – 265 pounds (115.7 – 120.2kg)

Abdelaziz Jellali


  • 2015 IFBB Mr. Olympia, 15th
  • 2014 Mr. Olympia Amateur World (Moscow, Russia), 1st Overall


Fundamental Weightlifting

Abdelaziz doesn’t second-guess his preparation. He sticks to his regimen since it produces results for him; he doesn’t alter it.

Abdelaziz Jellali follows the fundamental guidelines by using big free weights and, towards the end of the session, isolates his muscles with cables and machines.

Abdelaziz will normally perform 15 to 25 sets of every exercise.

His sessions take about one and a half hours. Except for cardio, which he performs every third day.

However, Abdelaziz will perform cardio exercises every day for 30 minutes when the competition is three weeks out or less.

Exercise for Abdulaziz’s Chest

The bench press is, unsurprisingly, one of Abdelaziz’s favorite exercises. His favorite body region is his chest. The description of Abdelaziz’s chest exercise is as follows:

  1. He starts with a heavy multi-joint exercise, which is either the bench press or the flat dumbbell chest press
  2. In his first exercise, Abdelaziz usually does only 6 reps. He says this builds his strength and the foundation for future muscle growth.
  3. After he’s done with the bench press, Abdelaziz will go onto the incline press. He typically opts for the dumbbell variation of the exercise. In each set, he makes sure to hit the chest from different incline angles – 35°, 45°, and sometimes even higher.
  4. Abdelaziz then proceeds to dips, after which he does two or three exercises that focus on stretching and contraction. I.e. flyes. These exercises include cable crossovers, pec machine flies, and dumbbell flies on a flat and incline bench.

Military Sit-Up Press for Shoulder Development

The seated military press is Abdelaziz’s go-to exercise for building up the size of his shoulders. All three of Abdelaziz’s deltoids are worked throughout this workout, but especially his middle deltoid.

Before he began his working sets. To warm up his rotator cuffs, Abdelaziz will initially perform 2-3 sets of gentle shoulder press exercises.

He then moves on to the first working set, performing just six repetitions, as he did with the bench press.

In this approach, he ensures long-term muscular development and increases the strength in his shoulders for subsequent sessions.

Abdelaziz Jellali


similar to his instruction Abdelaziz keeps things simple. Abdelaziz tries to avoid processed components whenever he buys food, favoring organic, whole, and natural foods.

When he is getting ready for a competition, Abdelaziz pays particular attention to this.

Abdelaziz will consume only plain, lean dishes throughout this time without adding any sauce or seasoning that could add extra calories.

Chicken breast, lactose-free low-fat cheese, cashews, hazelnuts, olive oil, fruits, and vegetables are a few of Abdelaziz’s go-to foods.

Abdelaziz doesn’t eat many carbohydrates; normally, he only does so to raise his blood sugar after a workout.

What Lessons Can We Take Away From Abdelaziz Jellali?

If nothing else, Abdelaziz Jellali has shown us that success is possible. You ought to be prepared to work hard at perfecting your craft.

Reaching success can be an easy or a challenging task, depending on your mentality.

You can achieve success, just like Abdelaziz Jellali if you can manage the challenges and press on despite them.