Ahmad DeGuzman
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Who is Ahmad DeGuzman?

American Men’s Physique professional bodybuilder Ahmad DeGuzman. In 2014, he began competing in bodybuilding competitions, taking first place in The 2014 North Cal: Teen Men’s Physique.

Short Career of Ahmad DeGuzman

Ahmad DeGuzman went on to win a streak of consecutive bodybuilding competitions, continuing his successful run.

Including the 2015 NPC USA Championships, where Ahmad, then just 20 years old, became an IFBB Pro.

Ahman then went on to a moment participate in bodybuilding competitions all around America.

His third-place finish overall at his IFBB Pro debut, first place at the 2016 IFBB Titans Grand Prix, and third place at the 2016 IFBB Sacramento Pro are some of his best performances.

“That awkward when you lock eyes while using or watching someone on an abductor machine.”

Body Measurements of Ahmad DeGuzman

Full Name: Ahmad DeGuzman
WEIGHT: 205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Men’s Physique Professional Bodybuilder, Fitness Model
HEIGHT: 5’9″ (175cm)

“As it was only my first year competing at the Olympia and still being new to the scene, I wasn’t expecting anyone to stop by my table at the meet the Olympians event.

Seeing that people were actually stopping by and asking for pictures and autographs was a humbling experience for me.

Knowing that you can inspire and motivate people from all walks of life has to be one of the most gratifying feelings you can come across. “

Ahmad DeGuzman



  • 2017 Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia, 16th
  • 2016 IFBB Sacramento Pro, Men’s Physique, 3rd
  • 2016 IFBB Dayana Cadeau Classic, Men’s Physique, 3rd
  • 2016 IFBB Titans Grand Prix, Men’s Physique, 1st
  • 2016 IFBB Governors Cup, Men’s Physique, 3rd
  • 2015 NPC Governors Cup, Men’s Physique Class B, 1st
  • 2015 NPC San Jose Championships, Men’s Physique Class B, 1st
  • 2015 NPC USA Championships, Men’s Physique Class B, 1st
  • 2014 Nor Cal: Teen Men’s Physique
  • 2014 Golden State, Teen Men’s Physique: 1st place
  • Novice MP Class B, 1st place
  • Novice MP Overall, 1st place
  • Open MP Class C, 1st place
  • Open MP Overall, 1st place

“Motivation isn’t always the key… People frequently lose their motivation. Sometimes, all you need is your willpower and discipline.


Continued Motivation

Ahmad maintains motivation to train hard by establishing and achieving short-term goals. Then, Ahmad claims that he gains all the drive he needs by viewing his progress images, which show how far he has come.

Think about what you want most in life, and live each day as if it were your last chance to acquire it, advises Ahmad.

Favorite Exercises and Body Parts

His chest is Ahmad’s favorite body area. Since he believes this body region is his weakest, he prefers to work out more frequently and intensely.

Ahmad’s most effective workouts include

  • Motion Cable Flys
  • Incline Hammer Strength Press
  • Incline Dumbbell Press

Ahmad’s Five Training Rules

  1. Set short-term goals and give your all to reach them
  2. Always be the hardest-working individual in the room
  3. Consistency is the key
  4. Master everything related to your craft; conditioning, posing, stage presence, training styles, etc.

Ahmad DeGuzman


Ahmad DeGuzman’s daily food intake

Ahmad DeGuzman usually consumes six to seven meals daily. Every meal includes a healthy macronutrient balance with high protein, moderate carbohydrates, and low to moderate fats.

Ahmad claims that he modifies his intake of macronutrients to suit his objectives and requirements.

So occasionally he would consume a very high-protein, low-carb diet. He may also occasionally consume a lot of carbohydrates.

“Protein intake fluctuates less than carb and fat intake, which can change more dramatically.”

Burgers with fries and diet Pepsi are Ahmad’s go-to cheat meals. His preferred protein bar and fruit salad are both healthful snacks.

Supplements are taken by Ahmad DeGuzman

  • Protein
  • Liquid Carnitine
  • Fat Burner
  • BCAAs
  • Agmatine Sulfate
  • Multivitamin
  • Probiotic
  • Niancin
  • L-Lysine

Influences and Idols

Their Mother is the biggest source of inspiration for Ahmad. He claims that through good times and bad, his mother supported him and provided assistance when needed.

Here is what Ahmad had to say about his mother and family:

“Watching how much she loves me and my family, and how hard she has worked over the years only makes me want to give back to her so she won’t have to work like that again.

My family is another source of inspiration for me, as one of my lifelong goals is to uphold their pride and be able to support every single member of the family. Muhammad DeGuzman

“Anything we set out to accomplish is feasible once we can cultivate a feeling of mental fortitude and establish priorities in our lives. The body always follows the mind wherever it goes.

How Can Ahmad DeGuzman Teach Us Something?

Ahmad DeGuzman teaches us that it’s never too early or late to start doing what you love. When Ahmad first started competing, he claims some individuals would remark that he was too young.

Ahmad, however, was adamant that despite his youth, he could overcome opponents with more experience and succeed in his endeavors.

Because of his superb discipline. At the age of just 20, Ahmad achieved his lifelong goal of becoming an IFBB professional.

Never let your age stand in the way of attaining your ambitions. You can succeed if you work hard and are determined, just like Ahmad DeGuzman.

Goal-Setting Advice from Ahmad

Here is Ahmad’s guidance for everyone who aspires to be a professional athlete:

“My advice to anyone who wishes to be like me is to first create an indestructible mentality, maintain your goals and dreams set high, and never settle for less.

Keep your head down and work hard. Become passionate about and fascinated with your goals. Never give up. Muhammad DeGuzman