Ahmed Elsadany
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Who Is Ahmed Elsadany?

Egyptian bodybuilder and prosperous internet coach Ahmed Elsadany.

Ahmed has had one goal in mind ever since he first entered the IFBB in 2012: to become the best. both as a personal trainer and a bodybuilder.

Short Career of Ahmed

Ahmed Elsadany

Ahmed’s lean and well-toned physique continues to make headlines in the bodybuilding circuit every year as Ahmed Elsadany performs on stage.

Ahmed has a strong desire for success and has no intention of stopping any time soon. He appears to be on track to achieve even greater heights in the months and years to come with his tenacity.

Body Measurements of Ahmed

Full Name: Ahmed Elsadany
PROFESSION: Personal Trainer, Online Coach, IFBB Pro 212 Bodybuilder
ERA: 2010


  • Personal Trainer & Online Coach
  • Fitness Expert
  • IFBB Pro 212 Bodybuilder

Ahmed’s Contests


  • 2012 IFBB Amateur Mr. Olympia, 1st place in the 90kg category – Pro Card


  • Indy Pro, 212 Bodybuilding, 4th place
  • IFBB New York Pro, 212 Bodybuilding, 3rd place

Training (Workout)

Ahmed Elsadany

Strong Cardio

Ahmed Elsadany wants the best outcomes from his cardio exercises in the shortest amount of time. He favors HIIT-style cardio workouts because of this.

This technique, sometimes referred to as high-intensity interval training, keeps Ahmed’s metabolism going for hours after his workout. To burn fat, Ahmed will perform HIIT for 10 minutes three to four times a week.

Ahmed begins the HIIT workout by warming up in terms of technique. He then mounts the machine (bike or treadmill) and maintains an RPM of 115 or higher for 20 to 30 seconds.

In other words, he exercises at or close to his maximal potential to maintain a rapid heartbeat.

He will then take a little break to collect his breath before repeating the process for an additional 10-15 minutes.


Ahmed Elsadany enjoys incorporating supersets into his workouts to boost the volume of his training. This strategy aids in his muscular growth and symmetry maintenance.

However, it takes months of planning and experience to adjust to such a demanding workout schedule.

Ahmed Elsadany looking amazing and toned while flexing shirtless in a sauna

Nutrition (Diet Plan)

Growing Larger

Ahmed will consume more calories in the winter. During this phase, his body fat will increase by 2–5%. This enables him to concentrate on using heavier weights to build muscle.

Naturally, Ahmed doesn’t gain all of his weight during his growth as pure muscle. He occasionally ends up putting on weight while traveling. However, “this is natural,” Ahmed adds. It is an essential step in developing stronger, bigger muscles.

Reducing Fat

Ahmed will change his diet after his bulking season is through to start reducing the extra weight he put on while bulking.

Ahmed’s major focus during the cutting process is to eliminate all body fat to achieve a shredded figure that he can proudly display on the bodybuilding stage.

Ahmed primarily consumes a low-carb diet high in proteins and lipids to achieve this. This also prevents muscle loss while keeping his energy levels up.

Due to his high fat consumption, which he claims is essential for staying shredded, he also maintains high testosterone levels.

What Ahmed Elsadany Can Teach Us?

We can draw some inspiration from Ahmed’s narrative in a few key areas. These consist of:

  • Stay consistent – your dream physique will come if you put in the work day in and day out.
  • Be patient – Success isn’t achieved overnight.
  • Be proud, but never satisfied – don’t settle once you attain your desired physique. There’s always more room for growth, both mentally and physically.

You too could have a great body one day by heeding some of the above tips.