Aldis Hodge

Actor Aldis Hodge played a superhero in the new DC movie Black Adam. For this role, he had to get in shape and have the best physique. He used to have rigorous workouts daily in order to prepare for this role. And also he had a set diet for it. What was his diet during the days he was preparing his body for the role? Aldis shared the details in a recent Men’s Health video.

Aldis Hodge and his preparation for the Black Adam role

American actor, Aldis Hodge, 36 has a height of 6 feet 2 inches. The award-winning actor from North Carolina portrayed the character of Carter Hall/Hawkman in the 2022 DC extended Universe movie Black Adam. He had to put on weight and musculature for this role. This required a lot of preparation.

Aldis Hodge
Aldis Hodge (Source: Instagram)

Aldis had an intense exercise routine prior to start of shooting for this role. This also required him to eat enormous and healthy. In a new Men’s Health video, Aldis shared his diet while training for this role.

Aldis’ diet for Black Adam

The film set was located at Georgia. And he had to eat every two hours in order to put on weight and maintain it for the film. He had prepared meals on the film set and his work schedules were busy and intense. Aldis used to eat his prepared meals on the set. He did not count calories or proportions of the macronutrients. Aldis admitted:

“I don’t know my macro count. I just eat, fam,”¬†

Aldis Hodge
Aldis Hodge (Source: YouTube)

He continued:

You’ve got to watch everything you eat.”

Further, he added:

“Sunflower seeds in there, some walnuts, almonds. Birds like nuts.”

Breakfast, lunch and dinner of Aldis: the details

If he was not preparing for any physical role, breakfast is not a priority for Aldis, he said. But when he is training for a physical role, he consumes 6 to 10 eggs in the morning at breakfast. And along with these highly bioavailable protein-rich eggs, he also has a bowl full of oatmeal with blueberries.

For lunch, Aldis usually has two chicken breasts along with a handful of carrots, broccoli, and steamed white rice.

Aldis Hodge
High protein diet of Aldis Hodge (Source: Pinterest)

For dinner, Aldis eats bison. Praising it, Aldis said:

Bison is nice. It’s lean, fantastic source of protein.”

Aldis also consumes supplements along with above cooked foods. He particularly prefers the protein supplement called Isopure. He revealed:

“It does the job. I don’t feel heavy. I don’t feel slow, sluggish, any of that.”

Thus, Aldis consumes a high protein diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. It gives him quick energy, provides for increase of muscle mass and repair of tissues and muscles torn during the intense workout sessions. He procures the protein from foods and supplements. The nuts provide him with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins and minerals.

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Aldis had a personal trainer and diet adviser for all this preparation. He was under the supervision of his personal coach. This helped him to gain weight and muscles and maintain the newly acquired physique.