Alex Finch-Collison
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Who is Alex Finch-Collison?

A rising social media celebrity from England, Alex Finch-Collison. Her fitness, fashion, and bikini photographs have gained her followers from all over the world.

Short Career of Alex Finch-Collison

To film for picture sessions and other events, Alex Finch-Collison frequently travels abroad. Her desire to become more well-known in the bikini and fitness modeling fields is one of her aspirations.

Alex still goes to the gym frequently despite having a busy schedule. She can maintain her fitness throughout the full year as a result of this.

Alex Finch-Collison demonstrates to everyone that maintaining a healthy figure is feasible even with a fast-paced lifestyle like hers while juggling modeling, weightlifting, and caring for her child.

Body Measurements of Alex Finch-Collison

Full Name:  Alex Finch-Collison
DATE OF BIRTH: November 11, 1991
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Social Media Personality, Fitness PhotoBlogger
AGE: 30

Alex Finch-Collison


  • Fitness PhotoBlogger
  • Social Media Personality


Alex prioritizes doing brief, hard exercises because of her daily obligations. Depending on how much free time she has, she might train for 20 to 60 minutes.

Alex will perform a short workout employing training techniques that increase the intensity and save her time on days when she is extremely busy. These consist of:

  • Supersets – When doing super-sets, Alex will perform two different exercises one after another with no rest in between. She’ll only take a rest when she finishes one set of both exercises. This is one of her favorite methods of raising the training intensity.
  • Drop sets – Alex likes adding drop sets at the last set of each exercise, where she’ll gradually lower the weight and do the exercise until she can’t do any reps at the lowest weight possible.
  • HIIT – This is a form of cardio and one of Alex’s favorite workouts for fat loss. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and it involves doing short bursts of extremely intense activity with rest periods in between.

Continuous-State Cardio

Alex will choose a lengthier, less strenuous workout if she doesn’t feel like working out hard. One illustration of this is steady-state cardio.

Cardio workouts that raise her heart rate and maintain a steady rhythm include treadmill running, outdoor walking, and other sorts of training.

Alex benefits from steady-state cardio not only for her weight loss but also for her cardiovascular health.

The sessions could continue much longer than HIIT, which is a drawback. Alex frequently has a busy schedule, so she can’t always afford to practice cardio for an extended period.

Alex Finch-Collison


Alex prioritizes foods that keep her healthy and in shape all year long because she works as a bikini and fitness model.

Since she has new picture sessions every month, she makes sure to stay thin wherever she goes by drinking lots of water and eating veggies and chicken.

Alex takes a multivitamin and whey protein powder as supplements. She only uses these supplements, though, when she can’t acquire all the nutrients she needs from meals alone because of her continual travel.

What is Alex Finch-Collison teaching us?

Alex Finch-Collison has demonstrated that a lack of free time is not a justification for disregarding your fitness and health.

No matter how “busy” your schedule becomes, finding time for exercise is always doable. even if just for ten minutes.

When she’s busy, Alex works out frequently and for short periods. She can maintain her health and fitness despite time constraints in this way.

You may design your training routine that fits your needs and obligations with some preparation and imagination. You’ll quickly be on the path to developing your incredible physique, just like Alex Finch-Collison.