Alexandra Breckenridge
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She’s The Man Christmas Around The Corner, Love In-Store, Virgin River, This Is Us, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, etc.

are just a few of the films and TV episodes Alexandra Breckenridge has been in. The Street Actors Guild Awards for Best Drama Series are only one of the several honors Alexandra has received.

In addition to her stunning physique, Alexandra Breckenridge’s Diet plan is highly recognized for her charming attitude.

It’s amazing how well-maintained she has remained, especially after giving birth, so if you’re interested in learning more about Alexandra Breckenridge’s diet and exercise regimen, keep reading.

Breckenridge, Alexandra Diet, And Exercise ScheduleAlexandra Breckenridge

Body Statistics Of Alexandra Breckenridge

Height 5 ft 7 inch
Weight 58 kg
Age 38 years
Breast 34 inch
Waist 26 inch
Hips 35 inch

Routine For Alexandra Breckenridge’s Workouts

Even after giving birth to two children, Alexandra Breckenridge has maintained herself very well; she still looks amazing and gorgeous.

You’re all probably wondering how she manages to stay in shape after having two kids. Well, don’t worry; I know just how. In light of this, let’s examine Alexandra’s activities.

The New Beauty interviewed Alexandra, and throughout the conversation, Alexandra discussed her exercise regimen.

Alexandra was asked if she has an exercise routine that she adheres to by New Beauty. Then in response, Alexandra said that she had not even been exercising during her pregnancy.

She got more than enough exercise chasing after her son and walking for him.

Later, Alexandra said that, aside from being pregnant, her daily routine consists of light exercises and circuit training. In addition, Alexandra enjoys taking pilates lessons, but except that, she doesn’t do much else for exercise.

Alexandra later admitted to The New Beauty that she is not a gym enthusiast who enjoys working out till she can no longer stand; it’s just not her, therefore Alexandra sticks to light training regimens.

Let’s look at a program that will enable you to notice results more quickly now that we are aware of Alexandra’s workout.

Five days a week will be dedicated to training, and we’ll work out for up to an hour and a half each day. Therefore, let’s begin the exercise program.

Workout for Alexandra Breckenridge includes:


Days of training: three to four each week

Alexandra enjoys practicing Pilates, which is a fantastic workout to get your body sleek and toned. The exercise improves your flexibility and gives you a toned, slender figure with a narrow waist and contoured ass. Pilates is popular among celebrities.

Even the Blackpink K-pop diva enjoys keeping fit with a regular Pilates regimen. For maximum results, attend pilates sessions at least three to four days each week.

Circuit Training With Alexandra Breckenridge

Days of training: three each week

We’ll perform a short eight-exercise circuit program as our final exercise to tone our muscles and burn some additional calories.

Since Pilates focuses more on the lower body and core muscles, we will emphasize the upper body and abs section of the circuit practice.

Sets: 4

30-second repetitions

Rest after working out: 0

After the set, take a minute of rest.

  • Push-ups
  • Burpees
  • Alpine climber
  • Crunches
  • Leg lifts
  • Squats
  • Bridge hold on a one-legged wall
  • Leg raises

The fitness regimen used by Alexandra Breckenridge’s Diet plan comes to an end here.

Diet Of Alexandra Breckenridge

When New Beauty inquires about Alexandra’s guilty pleasure, Alexandra replies that she follows the diet plan effectively. They learn about Alexandra’s love of wine, hot dogs, mac & cheese, and ice cream.

She does, however, continue to stick to a diet that includes more fruits and vegetables and as little meat as possible. Since Alexandra doesn’t supply a diet plan, I guess I’ll give you one that you can use.

The Diet of Alexandra Breckenridge consists of:


  • Turkey bacon
  • Eggs
  • Toast
  • Avocado


  • Chicken or pasta
  • Veggies
  • Salad


  • Quinoa/chicken/pasta/salmon
  • Wine
  • Veggies

Cheat Meals

  • Ice cream
  • Hotdog
  • Mac and cheese

That’s all for the Alexandra diet plan.