Alexis Johnson
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Who Is Alexis Johnson?

Alexis Johnson started her CrossFit experience in 2013 to overcome an eating condition that had caused her to lose an unhealthy amount of weight while in college—88 pounds. After just one year and numerous CrossFit workouts, Alexis’ life had dramatically changed.

Along the way, Alexis not only overcame her illness but also developed into a fierce CrossFit athlete. After a string of outstanding showings in regional competitions, Alexis qualified for the CrossFit Games and placed 31st in her first appearance.

Numerous online fans who were motivated by Alexis’ remarkable transformation and achievement in CrossFit have also fallen in love with her.

Body Measurements Of Alexis Johnson 

Full Name: Alexis Johnson
HEIGHT: 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
WEIGHT: 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
PROFESSION: CrossFit Athlete
ERA: 2010


  • a CrossFitter
  • Influencer in fitness

CF Benchmark Statistics

  • Back Squat: 280 pounds
  • 227 pounds clean and jerk
  • Snatch: 175 pounds
  • Bad-Going Fight 440
  • 342 lbs. deadlift
  • Grace – 1:16
  • Helen – 7:51
  • 400-meter sprint: 1:15

“I was devoting every ounce of effort and concentration to something so meaningless. I was aware that I was losing important friends.

But I got out of bed every morning and kept going in the same disastrous direction. I was exhausting myself and believed that it would never end.


Short Career of Alexis Johnson Alexis Johnson

Growing up, Alexis Johnson competed in gymnastics. She had always been concerned about her health, especially in terms of her food. According to Alexis, she would track every calorie to the very last gram.

Although Alexis originally benefited from these routines, they eventually developed into an unhealthy addiction. She thus experienced an eating disorder while in college.

While the number of foods Alexis forbade herself from eating grew, her calorie intake merely continued to decline.

“What I thought of as ‘healthy’ eating became into addiction while I was in college. I refused to eat what others had prepared because it was a complete failure. I hated that I lost so much weight, but I just couldn’t get rid of the fixation.

Continued Issues with Alexis

The last several years of college saw Alexis’ issues only getting worse. She wasn’t just underweight and unwell; she was also mentally in a “sad place.”

I was depressed, between 88 and 92 pounds, and completely fixated on diet management. I was being controlled by food.

Even though Alexis’ life was difficult, she didn’t give up. She persisted in looking for ways to treat her sickness, and finally, she discovered CrossFit.

She instantly fell in love with the sport, but it wasn’t enough to make her problems go away. According to Alexis, who tried CrossFit and enjoyed it, “I never had the energy to go hard during a workout, and I wasn’t eating enough to make any strength gains.” I couldn’t go past the double digits on my back squat.


Alexis then chose in January 2013 that would alter the course of her life forever. No matter what, she would be in charge of her food and exercise.

Alexis persuaded herself to eat every single day even though she wasn’t in the mood to. Over more than a year and a half, this process was drawn out and agonizing.

But throughout this time, Alexis made significant strides toward overcoming her sickness. She began to appear physically healthier, and her mental fortitude increased.

A Fresh Start (Workout)Alexis Johnson

Alexis earned the title of CrossFit competitor by the year’s end. She attributes the sport to helping her not only recover from her eating disorder but also discover a brand-new love for heavy weightlifting and competition.

Alexis’ priorities have recently changed from her personal growth to aiding others. She now utilizes her experience as a model for anyone who might experience a similar problem.

The more of these people Alexis can connect with, the more likely it is that they will undergo a lasting transition and find success in life. exactly as she did.

Training (Exercise)

Heavy Olympic lifts and conditioning exercises make up Alexis Johnson’s training regimen. She particularly enjoys performing squat, snatches, and pull-up bar exercises.

She works out with weights five days a week and rests entirely on the sixth day. She dedicates another day to 30 minutes of rehabilitation during which she engages in light rowing or riding.

Nutrition (Diet Plan)

Due to her busy schedule, Alexis cannot prepare all of her meals. She only eats one meal at home as a result. Her other meals are either short protein bar snacks that she takes on the fly or healthy restaurant selections.

“I rarely have time to cook, and I only eat at home approximately once a day. I thus typically consume quick meals.

This means a lot of protein bars, raw vegetables, poultry, pulled pork, and roast beef for me. A salad made with chicken curry is my newest obsession.

Influences And Idols

The main driving force behind Alexis’ quest was her desire to alter. She was able to get rid of her eating disorder and transform herself into the strongest version of herself because of her strong thinking and willpower.

What Alexis Johnson Can Teach Us?

Throughout her time in college, Alexis Johnson struggled with a severe eating condition. She experienced nausea, depression, and even a rift with some of her friends as a result of it.

Alexis could see what it was doing to her, but she just couldn’t seem to get her mind off eating.

Fortunately, after she learned about CrossFit, everything changed. Alexis finally took charge of her life for good after many attempts and failures. She evolved into a more prosperous, happier, and healthier version of herself.

She has shown us that making positive changes in your life is never simple.

To overcome the challenges that stand in the way of achieving your goals, you need to have a lot of mental fortitude, determination, and sheer willpower. But everything is possible if you have Alexis Johnson’s outlook.