All liquid vegan detox diet

Weight loss diets can take a dangerous turn and lead to death. The same happened with the daughter of a Turkish business tycoon. She was found dead at her home in London after being on an all liquid vegan detox diet for shedding weight. She was just 24.

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Leyla Ciftkurt and her untimely death

Leyla Ciftkurt was just 24 and studying at university in London. She was the daughter of well-known businessman from Turkey, Tahsin Ciftkurt. He has a big name in the automobile industry. Her mother is Asli Cetiner, and she is a famous face in the Turkish social elite circle. But Leyla suffered a premature death following an all liquid vegan detox diet for rapid weight loss.

It was Turkish journalist Bulent Cankurt who first broke the sad news. Bulent wrote:

“When her mum Asli did not hear from Leyla for two days, she called her university in London, and was told that she did not go to school, so she asked her friends for help.”

All liquid vegan detox diet
Leyla Ciftkurt was on the All liquid vegan detox diet before her sudden death (Source: Daily star)

Asli involved the welfare people and Leyla’s friends and asked them to check on her. Further, Bulent narrated:

Leyla’s friends then had a great shock when they entered her house, accompanied by the police. Unfortunately, Leyla was found dead in her home. Destroyed by this sad news, Aslı flew to London yesterday.”

What is the All liquid vegan detox diet?

An all liquid vegan detox diet is a quick fix for weight shedding. It also is used for body detoxification intermittently. The duration could vary from a week or a few weeks. In this diet, the dieter consumes only fluids and water. There is no ingestion of anything solids. Meals are only liquids. And these liquids could be of different kinds. These include chia water, fruit juices, lemon water, green smoothie, other smoothies, turmeric water, vegetable broth, chicken broth, bone broth, cabbage soup, sweet potato soup, pea soup, lentil stew, milk, and shakes.

All liquid vegan detox diet
All liquid vegan detox diet (Source: Pinterest)

These diets are occasionally ordered for sick and ailing patients or post op. However, the doctor often switches to normal eating at the earliest. Because such diets can cause nutritional deficiencies since liquids do not provide all the essential nutrients for the body. Nutritionists do not recommend this diet for weight loss and without medical supervision.

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Warnings on this diet

People use the All liquid vegan detox diets to lose weight quickly. They see it as a magical tool for it. But NHS warns that liquid dieting is dangerous since it provides very little dietary fiber and protein. Dr Simon Steenson, of the British Nutrition Foundation opines:

“Extreme diets are not a sustainable solution for losing weight in the long term, as much of the weight that is lost is likely to be water or lean muscle.”

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All liquid vegan detox diet
Liquid diet (Source: Pinterest)

In 2022, legendary Australian cricketer Shane Warne was also on a liquid diet for 14 days before he died suddenly. Informing his friends about it, he had tweeted a few days prior to his death:

“The goal by July is to get back to this shape from a few years ago.”

But he never made it and took the permanent exit out of the world.