Amanda Lee
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Who is Amanda Lee?

Fitness model, Instagram star, and personal trainer Amanda Lee is from Canada. She is renowned for having a well-balanced figure and has motivated millions of her fans on social media to start working out.

Short Career of Amanda Lee

Working in LA has allowed Amanda to catch the attention of some of the biggest magazines in the world.

She believes that her popularity on social media is what got the mainstream media’s attention because it wasn’t always so simple to attract attention.

Amanda Lee established a career in the fitness sector in a matter of years, and despite her self-described shyness, she has established her brand and become a household figure.

Amanda Lee

Here is her account:

“The only workouts you regret not doing.”

Body Measurements of Amanda Lee

Full Name: Amanda Lee
HEIGHT: 5’9″ (175cm)
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness mode, personal trainer, social media celebrity
ERA: 2010

Everyone desires a booty.


  • renowned fitness model
  • Personal coach

I can no longer enter a gym without being recognized.


Speculative Beginnings

Amanda Lee

In Canada, Amanda Lee was born in 1986. She had a good childhood and enjoyed watching her mother work hard as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. She was the second oldest of five children.

This understanding of the fitness industry didn’t spur Amanda to pursue her mother’s career for many years. Only after feeling self-conscious about her appearance in high school did she realize that exercising could help her gain confidence.

She claims that before being interested in exercise, she was quite shy and barely weighed 98 pounds.

Amanda fell in love with working out and gained confidence in her body as soon as her mother showed her around the weight room at their neighborhood gym.

“So that’s how it all began. It served as a means of gaining strength, confidence, and health.

University Years

The years Amanda Lee spent dancing guaranteed she had a high level of cardiovascular fitness, which she used to study modern dance in college.

She still thought, though, that her figure could look better. This motivated her to start taking her weight training seriously.

At that point, her mother started to play a bigger role in her professional life. Her mother started working with Amanda as her photographer for social media work while she was still in college, encouraging her to stay on top of her workouts.

Because many people want to know how to get in shape and eat healthily but may not know how I predicted that the social media frenzy would have a significant impact on the fitness industry when it first began.

Magazines, Instagram Fame, And Personal Training

After steadily establishing a remarkable physique and a little fan base, Amanda experienced a lucky break on Instagram when she was mentioned by a well-known dancer.

She claims that following this, she had a “flood of fans” and numerous requests to post videos. She did so, and a few years later she had more than 3 million Instagram followers, a number that is increasing yearly.

Her newfound reputation rapidly resulted in inquiries from well-known periodicals. As a result, she gained a larger international following and was able to realize her dream of becoming a Pilates instructor and personal trainer.

She obtained certifications in Pilates and personal training, and she quickly grew her clientele.

“Losing weight was never a goal for me. Always, the focus was on getting stronger.


Lower-Body Exercises

Amanda Lee

The most crucial part of Amanda’s exercise program, in her opinion, is her lower body training. She works out her lower body twice a week because she thinks her glutes are what made her famous.

To keep her tone, she performs step-ups, lunges, leg raises, deadlifts, and squats.

“If you don’t do anything else,” according to me, “make sure you engage your thoughts as you work out so that you truly focus on the muscle.”

She frequently divides each day’s workouts into distinct sessions. She performs squats, leg presses, and walking lunges while holding weights or a weighted bar on the first day, which she refers to as her “heavy day.”

The other “lighter day” will be devoted to cardio-based lower body exercises, such as step-ups, side-to-side steps, and jumps like frog leaps or leaping lunges.

Of these exercises, lunges are by far her favorite since she feels like they provide her with the finest glute workout and help her get the tone she wants. She claims that “you clearly see the results” and that she “always feels them the next day.”

The fastest-growing category on social media is fitness.

What Amanda Lee Can Teach Us?

The tale of Amanda Lee exemplifies the influence of social media in the fitness sector. A tag on Instagram launched her career, and as a result, she worked harder and developed an outstanding figure.

She demonstrates how common individuals with dreams can use these online venues efficiently.

You only need a camera and a supportive group of people to begin starting, just like Amanda did. You do not need enormous sums of money.