Amy Hopkinson
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Who Is Amy Hopkinson?

A British fitness teacher and online personality named Amy Hopkinson is well-known for her editorial fitness writings.

She has gained notoriety for her blog articles, amazing photos of her workouts and lifestyle, and her work as a brand ambassador for well-known fitness businesses.

Amy interacts with her followers on social media to motivate and inspire them via her love of fitness.

“Setting smaller, more manageable goals usually means you’ll make lifestyle changes gradually, so it just becomes a part of your life, not some crazy thing you do for a week,” says the author.

Don’t try to lose 5% of your weight by working out for 95% of your life. Sincerely, it is not worthwhile. Two years ago, when I only worked out, I was weaker, less fit, and less content. I do less now, but I feel much more comfortable with myself.

Body Measurements Of Amy Hopkinson 

Full Name: Amy Hopkinson
PROFESSION: Fitness Instructor, Fitness Magazine Editor
ERA: 2010


  • Professor in Training
  • Electronic editor
  • an online personality


Early Life Of Amy Hopkinson Amy Hopkinson

According to Amy Hopkinson, she “kind of lived an itinerant existence growing up.” She spent her childhood wandering around, and she eventually made her home in London, where she started her college studies.

Amy enrolled at the London College of Fashion, where she declared her majors as marketing and promotion.

Initial Internship

Amy Hopkinson started her job as a digital editor while still a college student. She accepted an internship with a media organization in the United States and served as an editing assistant there.

I was first given a 4-week contract during fashion month, but four weeks quickly turned into five, then five weeks became nine, and before I knew it, I was working as a freelance editorial assistant.

At that time, the majority of individuals still preferred print to digital copies. Amy was one of the handfuls that focused solely on the expanding digital industry.

“We were pioneers in the digital era, picking up all the tips and tactics that other people are only now discovering. It’s intriguing to consider this in the past.

Amy developed a thriving profession as a digital editor over time. One of Amy’s major loves was fitness, therefore among the things she published were fitness-related articles.

She cherished the experience of working out and seeing the changes in her body. Because of this, she frequently produced articles on health, diet, and exercise, which helped her draw in a lot of readers.

Giving Advice From Experience To OthersAmy Hopkinson

Amy recently advanced her profession by training to be a personal trainer.

She now assists people in creating the bodies of their dreams thanks to her extensive fitness expertise and experience.


Weight training With HIIT

Amy leads weekly exercise boot camps with her coworkers and friends in addition to editing online articles about fitness. As a digital editor, I work on the website, social media, newsletter, and events, she explained.

I also direct a weekly run group that emphasizes getting outside and exercising your body rather than simply running.

It’s the highlight of my week since it’s highly social, we do plenty of partner HIIT breaks, and women of all ages and abilities (from 20 to 60) attend. (Amy Hopkinson)

Amy works on her flexibility and weights a lot in addition to HIIT. This includes pull-ups, barbell squats, deadlifts, and other exercises, as well as stretching exercises after her sessions.

Goals For Exercise

Amy’s primary objective when she first began training was to enhance her physical attractiveness. She said: “I would be lying if I said that my initial motivation for exercising wasn’t just aesthetic.

People talk about what they do in our world, and when you see the images on social media, you want to look like them.

Amy quickly understood, though, that fitness was more essential than appearance.

“I removed aesthetic objectives from my training and utilized it more as a tool to connect with myself and achieve things,” the woman claimed. I began preparing for difficulties like attempting 10 pull-ups or a 90-kilogram deadlift.

Amy’s body adjusted naturally once she shifted her attention, and she also found that the experience was much more enjoyable.

Nutrition, (Fitness)

Amy dislikes calorie counting. She simply concentrates on consuming high-quality foods.

Amy will track her macros for a short period to get back on track if she finds that her food has become out of whack.

I won’t track anything in my diet for months, but if I realize I need to get things a little more balanced, I’ll calculate my macros for a week to learn more about what I’m consuming.

What Amy Hopkinson Can Teach Us?

Amy Hopkinson has demonstrated to us that exercise encompasses both your personal development and achieving six-pack abs. Amy’s initial goals were limited to enhancing her physical appearance.

But she soon understood that fitness wasn’t only about looks. Her results skyrocketed once she shifted her attention to fitness and personal growth.

Amy would advise you to focus on your physical development, but also to pay attention to other aspects of your life.