Amy Leigh-Quine
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Who Is Amy Leigh-Quine?

Amy Leigh-Quine is a London, England-based WBBF Fitness competitor, personal trainer, and brand ambassador.

Amy wanted to be a fashion model at first, but modeling companies rapidly rejected her requests. She was informed by the agencies that she lacked the aptitude to become a fashion model.

Amy didn’t let the rejection stop her from exploring additional modeling opportunities. She first learned about fitness and bikini competitions at this time, and she hasn’t turned back since.

Amy developed a stunning physique through weight training and a balanced diet, which made her a fitness model, a WBFF Bikini contestant, and a significant online influence.

“What makes you laugh out loud? I simply want to smile and giggle as much as I can while also doing good for others.

Body Measurements Of Amy Leigh-Quine 

Full Name: Amy Leigh-Quine
HEIGHT: 5’7″ (170cm)
WEIGHT: 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Athlete, Brand Ambassador, WBFF Bikini Pro
ERA: 2010


  • Career Accomplishments
  • Graduate of the London School of Modeling
  • WBFF Pro Bikini Athlete
  • Individual Trainer
  • Coach for online transformation
  • Coach for competition preparation
  • Competitions for fitness


  • Bikini fitness category winner at UKBFF Kent Klassic
  • WFC Body Power Championships, runner-up
  • 3rd place in the UKBFF British Championships


  • Fourth place at UKBFF Nationals

“I’ve always aspired to succeed in the modeling business. I didn’t want to give up on my dream after being rejected by a fashion agency, so I searched for other areas of modeling. I came across some of the best fitness models now working, and I believed that was a much better fit for me.


Identifying PossibilitiesAmy Leigh-Quine

Amy Ligh-Quine, a native of London, England, has always enjoyed playing sports and working out. She had, however, never really given a career in fitness competitions much thought.

In 2014, Amy’s attitude toward exercise began to alter. Amy started to get passionate about fashion modeling around this time.

Sadly, she was repeatedly rejected by modeling agencies that didn’t think she had what it took to succeed as a fashion model.

Amy didn’t allow this to discourage her, either. She started looking for other kinds of modeling instead. Amy first learned about fitness modeling and bikini contests at this point.

Amy began going to the gym for the first time in early May 2014 after being inspired by the fitness physiques she observed.

Physical Development

Amy’s best friend motivated her to work out because she could see the changes in her friend’s appearance firsthand.

Amy was inspired to do the same with her own body as a result. “Watching my best friend’s body alter was crazy,” she added. “My best friend started exercising.”

Amy’s interest in exercise quickly increased after this. “I got myself a diet and exercise plan,” she said. Soon after, I became addicted.

Competitions For fitness Amy Leigh-Quine

Amy’s physique greatly improved after several months of working out under her friend’s instruction. This in turn inspired her to put her body to the test on the fitness stage to see how she would compare to other female competitors.

Amy was motivated to stick to her strict training and eating regimens after this first success to eventually win more competitions.

Getting Noticed For Her Successes

Amy had competed in four competitions by 2015. they were

  • 2014’s second WFC Body Power Championships
  • Also, 2014’s first UKBFF Kent Klassic
  • 2014’s third UKBFF British Championships
  • 2015’s Fourth UKBFF Nationals

Amy decided to stop competing after her final competition in 2015. She wanted to advance her profession in other ways instead. for instance, modeling, social networking, and corporate sponsorships.

She quickly started accomplishing the goals she had previously set for herself, turning into a social media personality, brand ambassador, and source of motivation for thousands of internet users.

“I simply adore dressing up… I don’t get many opportunities because I don’t go out often, but when I do, I feel amazing.

Training (Workout)

Amy Leigh-Quine engages in split exercise. She works out a new muscle group every day, in other words.

To maintain her strength and leanness year-round, she mixes both weight training and aerobics.

The exercises that Amy enjoys doing the most are sumo squats and deadlifts. The muscles in Amy’s glutes, legs, core, and back are worked by these motions.

“I adore a big, heavy sumo squat; it is a mainstay of my glutes workout regimen. Activation is the best advice I can provide… before you even begin your workout, make sure you can feel your glutes activating.

Nutrition (Diet Plan)

Amy doesn’t have any trouble maintaining a healthy diet for extended periods. I adore eating healthy all year long, she declares.

Chicken and sweet potatoes are Amy’s favorite dishes, and she claims she could “eat that all day long!”

However, Amy’s diet plan also includes “splurge” days. She occasionally permits herself to eat whatever her body desires, whether it be something salty or sweet.

Amy doesn’t think supplements are necessary because you can obtain all the nutrients from diet alone, her.

The only two supplements Amy takes are listed below;

  • Pre-workout
  • BCAAs

“I toil and make sacrifices for this. I try again after failing. Things shift. I change. I experience motivation swings. – Despite being only human, I don’t want to be ordinary.

Influences And Idols

Amy Leigh-Quine looks up to Michelle Lewin in the world of fitness. According to Amy, Michelle is “simply great, and seeing her images and posts motivates me every day.”

Aaron Shumake and Jessica Arevalo are two other role models Amy admires. She claims that Amy looks up to and strives to imitate these two fitness models since they have an inspiring outlook on life and a commitment to fitness.

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What Amy Leigh-Quine Can Teach Us?

She had initially intended to pursue a career as a fashion model, but a series of unfortunate circumstances changed her plans.

Amy chose to pursue other sorts of modeling, like fitness and bikini, after being turned down by modeling agencies. Amy made this choice and hasn’t turned back since.

The important lesson to be learned from Amy Leigh-tale Quine is to never give up because of rejection. These rejections can very well lead you to better opportunities, just as they did for Amy Leigh-Quine.