Andree Bonifacio
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Andree Bonifacio, also known as AC Bonifacio, is a professional street dancer, vocalist, and member of the Filipino team that won the World Hip-Hop competition last year.

Andree also triumphed on The Dance Kids in the Philippines, where she was crowned the first-ever grand champion.

Andree Bonifacio has worked with numerous well-known dancers, like Matt Steffanina and many more, to great success and fame around the world.

Andree is also well recognized for her tiny and toned body form, which is another thing. So let’s look at Andree’s diet and exercise routine.

Body measurements of André Bonifacio

Height 5 ft 3 inch
Weight 47 kg
Age 17 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 32 inch

Routine of Andree Bonifacio’s workouts

The exercise regimen used by Andree Bonifacio might not be to everyone’s taste. Yes, be prepared to expect the expected as her actions to maintain her health and fitness are pretty obvious.

Andree began dancing professionally when she was just seven years old; since then, more than ten years have passed, and her practice and talent haven’t diminished in the slightest.

Andree Bonifacio loves to work out a lot and her daily dance practice is the only thing that keeps her in shape. You will watch Andree dancing for hours every day, especially before any major tournament or event.

I suppose this explains why she is a champion and performs so well when she represents her nation on the World Hip-Hop stage.

But if you think that’s all that Andree does daily, you’d be wrong since she also does a lot of other things.

Andree discussed her love of sports in one of the interviews; she routinely participates in them, which is important for her fitness regimen.

Now, if you want to have Andree’s physique and maintain her level of fitness, you must follow her workout regimen or engage in a different exercise that burns an equivalent number of calories.

This schedule, in which we work out four days a week and engage in activities on the other days, can be followed if you’d rather not dance.

The easiest strategy to burn calories right now is to combine a few different exercises. My suggestion is:

Andree Bonifacio

Workouts by Andree Bonifacio include:

Pilates or yoga of Andree Bonifacio

Days of training: Monday through Thursday

Morning is when you train

Time: One hour.

The finest alternative exercises to help you reach Andree’s level of fitness are yoga and pilates.

Dancers often modify many of the yoga stretches before beginning their dance routine and practice because yoga and pilates both help you achieve a flexible body shape.

They both provide you with the same advantages of dancing, such as muscular toning, weight loss, and rapid calorie burn. At least 600 to 700 calories can be burned in an hour of vigorous yoga and pilates practice.


Days of training: Monday through Thursday

Practicing in the evening

Thirty to forty minutes

You can grow leaner and lose weight by engaging in an aerobic regimen in the evening. Cardio is a complete workout that gets rid of extra body fat all over your body.

With the additional 200 to 300 calories you will burn thanks to this practice, your daily calorie expenditure will be close to 1000.

You have a choice of 40 minutes of running during the workout. Alternately, you might divide the activity into several exercises like this:

  • An hour of running
  • Five minutes of cooling off
  • A 15-minute bike ride
  • Five minutes of water rowing
  • The Andree exercise program is now complete.

Plan for Andree Bonifacio’s diet

Andree said that she eats a lot and has no diet in the same interview when she shared some information about herself.

Given that Andree dances virtually daily, participates in sports, burns a lot of calories, and is only a teenager with a very rapid metabolism, it is not difficult to believe. So far, Andree has nothing to be concerned about—at least not for a while.

Anyone under the age of 20 is subject to the same rules. You can enjoy your adobo, pansit, and other foods if you stick to the exercise regimen outlined above.

If you are more than 20 years old, stick to a straightforward lean protein diet with low carbs and high fibers.

Just make sure to eat moderately and avoid eating a lot at once. Make sure you consume one to two gallons of water every day, at the very least.

The Andree Bonifacio diet plan is now complete.