Andrew England
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Who is Andrew England?

Andrew England, a native of Northampton in the UK’s midlands, started working out in 2009 to build the body of his dreams. His adventure to pursue a career in fitness began.

Short Career of Andrew England

Andrew England decided to compete as a bodybuilder in 2014, and he entered the Men’s Physique division of the 2014 BodyPower Expo show. He was inspired by this program to put in a lot of effort in the pursuit of a trophy.

Andrew had one of the best physiques in the world by 2016, the result of 7 years of rigorous gym work. He has since participated in countless professional picture assignments and shot to fame as one of England’s top fitness models.

Andrew England

Body Measurements of Andrew England

Full Name: Andrew England
HEIGHT: 5’7″ (170cm)
WEIGHT: 165 – 175lbs (74.8 – 79.4kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Personal Trainer


  • 2014 WFC Bodypower Expo Men’s Physique Competition


Exercises In Compound And Isolation

Andrew England

Andrew England’s incredible physique is the result of his unrelenting effort and willpower. His workout routine combines strenuous compound movements with isolation drills that highlight and define his auxiliary muscles.

Andrew frequently performs the squat, bench press, bent-over row, deadlift, and pull-ups, among other workouts. Andrew uses these exercises to stimulate anabolic reactions that help him add as much muscle as he can.

Andrew prefers to utilize cable machines for isolation workouts because they help maintain constant stress on the muscle during the eccentric and concentric phases of the action (i.e. up and down).

These workouts might include, among others, chest flies, bicep curls, and overhead tricep extensions.


Lean Foods

When it comes to his nutrition strategy, Andrew is the same as the majority of elite sportsmen. He enjoys eating lean proteins like fish, egg whites, and grilled chicken.

When he wants to lose more fat, he would slightly reduce his carbohydrate intake. The majority of the time, Andrew will select complex carbohydrates like yams and brown rice.

While dieting, Andrew England will increase his consumption of healthy fats while his intake of carbohydrates is modest to keep his hormones in check and his metabolism running smoothly.

This gives his body the energy it needs to get through the day while also healing the muscles that his rigorous workouts have harmed.

Andrew usually gets his fats from whole foods like avocados, almonds, and fish like salmon and rare beef steak.

What Andrew England Teaches Us?

Andrew England

We’ve learned from Andrew England that it’s never too late to begin pursuing your aspirations. Unlike other athletes, he didn’t start training until his early teens, but he was still able to build a fearsome physique.

Never give up on your dreams; in 2014, he achieved his goal of competing. Despite not finishing among the top 3. Despite this, Andrew remains driven to excel in his competition.