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The Holloween actress Jamie Lee Curtis and her spouse of many years, Christopher Guest, are the parents of Annie Guest. She is Curtis’ eldest child out of two. Although she has a low-key disposition, Guest has occasionally appeared in movies since she frequently served as her mother’s red-carpet companion.

Annie Guest, a dancer, and instructor has a lengthy history of traveling with her mother to numerous celebrity-studded occasions, such as the 2019 premiere of Knives Out and other award ceremonies.

The publications listed below provide access to much more information about Annie’s relationship with her mother, her incredible Hollywood ancestry, her personal life, her spouse, and even her chosen profession.

Details of Annie Guest’s Birth and Parents

In 1986, on December 13th, Annie was born. In the same month, Curtis took Annie in as his child. This happened soon after she was born.

The Knives Out actress has frequently acknowledged that being a mother changed her life.

In fact, according to Curtis, she had the idea for her debut book, When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Memoir Old of Her Youth, after adopting Annie.

In addition, the experience of adopting Annie Guest caused Curtis to compose, Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born. However, Lee has never disclosed who Guest’s biological parents are.

Curtis and her Husband Adopted Annie Guest as Their Child

Curtis and her boyfriend Guest struggled with infertility before deciding to adopt Annie, but they later changed their minds. In 1986, they ultimately decided to adopt Annie through an agency, and nine years later, they opted to adopt another child.

The Holloween actress recalled how they received a call in the middle of the night informing them that their first kid had been born.

However, Curtis claims that the first encounter between her and her husband and Annie was unpleasant: “She puked when she saw me. She turned over, gave me a quick look, and left. ‘ Waaah!’ ”

The adoption of her daughter, according to the Scream Queen, was “the most profound, indescribable moment of my life.”

Annie Guest
Annie Guest (Pinterest)

Annie’s Transgender Sibling

Thomas Guest, Annie’s adopted brother, now goes by the name Ruby Guest and is a transsexual woman. Early in 2021, computer gaming editor Ruby came out in public as transgender. She is nine years Annie’s junior.

As previously reported, Curtis and her husband, Christopher, adopted Ruby, who is now 25 years old, along with Annie.

Early in 2021, Ruby Guest, her sister, openly revealed that she was transgender. Jamie verified her son’s coming out as a proud transgender woman to AARP magazine in July of the same year, with the consent of her second kid.

Curtis remarked that when her kid decided to change his gender identification, she started to regard people’s sexual orientation as something that is continuously growing and isn’t fixed. She was speaking about her second child’s new sexual orientation.

Together with her devoted husband Christopher Guest, the Californian actress stated they “had watched in wonder and delight as our son became our daughter Ruby.”

The BAFTA-winning actress who is the mother of Annie said in one of the interviews that she will also officiate her now-youngest daughter’s wedding.

Annie Guest is a Qualified Dance Instructor

The five-foot-ten-inch-tall Annie is a professional dancer who has achieved a lot, in addition to being a star child. At the age of 3, she started dancing. She won the best choreographer award from her undergraduate peers.

The Golden Globe-winning actress’s first adopted child received a BFA in dance from Kenyon College in Ohio. There, Guest concentrated on ballet as well as classical and contemporary dance methods.

She is currently skilled in a variety of dance genres, including tap, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical, and ballet.

She studied ballet, somatic dance techniques, Laban Movement Analysis, Alexander Technique, Pilates, and yoga while she was a student at Kenyon. She also studied classical and current modern techniques.

The celebrity’s adopted daughter trained with renowned choreographers and instructors while attending Kenyon, including Balinda Craig-Quijada, Julie Brodie, Kora Radella Feller, Leslie Seiters, Bill Young, Oliver Tarpaga, and KT Neihoff.

Following her time in college, Annie worked three seasons as an artistic associate at The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage in Santa Monica.

Annie Guest
Annie Guest (Pinterest)

Employed By A Reputable Dance School

Annie Guest, the first child of Chris and Jamie, has been a dance instructor for several years; most recently, she was employed by the Los Angeles dance company MNR Dance Factory.

She initially registered for MNR as a dancer in a competition. She was eight years old at the time, but by the age of 16, she had begun to act as a mentor.

The dance crew for MNR is currently co-directed by Guest. As co-director of the prestigious MNR DF dance team, Annie teaches Ballet, Jazz/Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Tap, and Hip-Hop.

Along with teaching flexibility and conditioning to young dancers under the age of six, Annie also works with dancers who have ASD and another motor/developmental issues.

Dakota Johnson, Camilla Belle, Ben Levi Ross, and Amber Stevens West are a few well-known MNR DF alumni.

Additionally, Annie has worked as a teacher at Windward School, Paul Revere Middle School, and Archer School for Girls.

She is “Janet Leigh’s” Granddaughter

Annie Guest also has connections to some notable Hollywood figures through her mother. To begin with, she is Tony Curtis’ and Janet Leigh’s adoptive grandchild. As a result, Annie’s mother, Curtis, was Tony and Janet, two-time Oscar winners.

The former is an actress best recognized for roles in classics like Sweet Smell of Success (1957), The Defiant Ones (1958), and Some Like It Hot, while the latter is best known as Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s shocking psychological thriller Psycho (1959).

Their grandparents of Annie were divorced when her mother was three. Jamie grew up with Leigh and her fourth husband, a stockbroker named Robert Brandt.

Annie Guest, who is the daughter of the Blue Steel actress, is also Kelly Curtis’ niece (The Devil’s Daughter, 1991).

On the other hand, the dance instructor is also a relative of actors Pamela Guest, Nicholas Guest, and Elizabeth Guest, who appeared in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, See You Next Christmas, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Their Parents of Annie had been married for many years.

In December 1984, Curtis and Christopher Guest became parents. Her father is a composer, pianist, writer, and director.

In reality, her mother Curtis had been after her father. Chris is Annie’s “one and only,” according to her father, the Bafta winner.

Annie Guest: Is She Married?

Jewish man Jason Wolf is Annie’s husband. In July 2019, she and her spouse Wolf got married. The wedding took place at Curtis’ residence in California.

The bride donned a Zac Posen gown for the ceremony. Jamie, the mother of the Kenyon grad, posted a few pictures of her daughter’s special day on social media.

The eldest child of Curtis and Chris prefers to keep her life private and is not active on social media, unlike her actress mother who occasionally shares Annie’s photos.

How wealthy is Jamie Lee Curtis, her mother?

Curtis, the mother of Guest, reportedly has a fortune worth more than $60 million. Additionally, the information should not come as a surprise given that she has been involved in Hollywood since the late 1970s.

While Jamie didn’t make much money from her first movie, Holloween 1978, earning only $8,000 despite playing the major role, she now frequently ranks among Hollywood’s highest-paid actors.

On the other hand, despite taking into account her daughter Annie’s much lower-paying profession, it doesn’t seem like she has a net worth comparable to that of her billionaire mother.

Other Details

  • Jamie Lee Curtis and Annie Guest are pictured in the opening credits of the film Freaky Friday.
  • In the 2006 comedy film For Your Consideration, directed by her father, Annie was also a member of the supporting cast.