Anton Antipov
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Who Is Anton Antipov?

Anton Antipov is from Belarus, and he is a professional fitness model and IFBB physique champion.

He is a good athlete and model who lives in New York. He has made a name for himself on social media.

Anton says he didn’t have a gym when he was growing up in Belarus. Instead, he played sports like Sambo to stay in shape.

In the 1990s, when Anton’s family moved to the United States, he tried lifting weights for the first time and was hooked right away.

He tried to become a model, and a top New York agency gave him a contract for 3 years. As he got in better shape for this job, he became obsessed with competing in and winning shows. He found a coach and went right to work.

Anton’s career in the fitness industry has done very well in the past few years. He has won several big IFBB competitions and has modeled for some of the biggest brands and magazines in the world.

He says that his hard work and consistency are the reasons for his success.

Body Measurements Of Anton Antipov 

Full Name: Anton Antipov
HEIGHT: 5’11” (180cm)
WEIGHT: 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)
NATIONALITY: Belarussian
PROFESSION: IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Sponsored Athlete
ERA: 2010




  • First place, 2012 WBFF Rhode Island Championship
  • Sixth 2012 IFBB Houston Pro
  • 2012 IFBB North American Championships, first
  • The IFBB North American Championships were held in 2012.
  • 2012 IFBB North American Championships, first
  • Seventh 2012 NPC USA Championships,
  • Third place at the 2012 NPC Team Universe Championships
  • Second place at the 2012 NPC Junior National Championships
  • 2012 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States, First
  • 2012 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States, First
  • 2012 NPC Mid Atlantic Natural Classic, First
  • 2012 NPC Mid Atlantic Natural Classic, First
  • The 2012 NPC Metropolitan Championships are the fourth


  • 2013 Weekend of the IFBB Olympia, 12th
  • Second place, 2013 IFBB New York Pro
  • First 2013 IFBB Powerhouse Pro,
  • Sixth 2013 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro,
  • 2013 IFBB Europa Show of Champions, 4th


  • 2014 IFBB Dayana Cadeau Classic, 1st
  • 2014 IFBB Fort Lauderdale Cup Pro, 3rd
  • 2014 Weekend of the IFBB Olympia, 7th
  • 2014 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro, 2nd
  • First Place, 2014 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup
  • The third 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow
  • 2014, 6th IFBB New York Pro
  • The fourth 2014 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro
  • 2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions, 16th


  • 2015 IFBB Dayana Cadeau Pro, 1st
  • 2015 IFBB Fort Lauderdale Cup Pro, 1st
  • 2015 IFBB Europa Phoenix, 1st
  • 2015 Weekend of the IFBB Olympia, 9th
  • Third 2015 IFBB New York Pro
  • First place, 2015 IFBB Battle on the Beach Pro
  • 2015 IFBB Arnold Sports Festival, Third


  • IFBB Stockholm Pro 2016: Men’s Physique, Third Place
  • 14th Place, Men’s Physique, IFBB New York Pro 2016
  • First place at the 2016 IFBB Precision Fit-Body Championships for Men’s Physique


Short Career Of Anton Antipov Anton Antipov

Anton was born in Bobruisk, Belarus, in 1983 and grew up there. As a child, he never believed in God at all and played many sports, including swimming, sambo (a Russian martial art), gymnastics, track, and hockey.

His father was also very interested in staying healthy and fit. He told Anton to start doing pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups when he was 8 years old so that he would have a strong body as an adult.

Anton says he never had a good appetite, so he never really got bigger or built up more muscle. He liked the chance to use up all of his energy, though, and became good at most of the sports he played.

When He Moved To The US, He Found Out About Bodybuilding.Anton Antipov

Anton says of his childhood, “Calisthenics was as close as I could get to bodybuilding as a kid in Belarus, where we didn’t have gyms.” Lucky for him, his parents decided to move to New York in the 1990s so that they could have a better life.

In 1997, Anton slowly started to learn more about how to train. He worked out a lot at home. When he was 18, he joined his first gym in his neighborhood. He knew this was what he wanted to do for a living as soon as he started lifting weights.

Getting Smarter From Mistakes

At first, he started working out without doing any research. Anton Antipov also did what other people in the gym and his friends did, which made him pick up bad habits.

Anton Antipov didn’t have good form and only worked out the parts of his body that people could see, like his chest and arms.

He made a lot of mistakes, but luckily he learned from them over time and started to read about the right way to lift weights, how to eat, and how to move them.


Anton got stronger as he got better at what he was doing. In the late 1990s, he went to a big modeling agency in New York called Boss Models and got a three-year contract.

He was able to find a coach who could teach him the right way to cut and show off his body. He also decided after this that he would try his hand at physique competitions.

Physique Competitions

Anton had the perfect look for the bodybuilding competitions. His legs weren’t as big as he would have liked them to be, but since all the contestants wore board shorts, they didn’t show and he still looked good.

In 2012, he won several competitions, but his most important win was at the IFBB North Americans. This was one of the best days of his life, and by winning, he got his professional card.

Professional Shows That Win

At the 2013 IFBB Powerhouse Pro, Anton won his first professional competition. This was a great accomplishment, as he was up there with some of the best bodybuilders in the world.

It also got him a spot in a sport at the famous Mr. Olympia weekend, which Anton couldn’t believe at the time. He got ready for this competition by coming in second at the well-known New York Pro. He ended up in a respectable 12th place.

“Leave your ego at the door if you’re training for looks. Choose your weight accordingly, and don’t go heavier than you need to.”


Training By Instinct

Anton likes to train instinctively, which means he hits a certain part of his body when he thinks it needs to be hit. Some days, he may feel like he didn’t work a certain part of his body hard enough, so he’ll go back to it a few days later.

Anton doesn’t give his shoulders a day of their own when he works out. He thinks that his bench press gives his shoulders enough work, so when he worked on just his deltoids in the past, they got too big and messed up his proportions.

Here’s how his week broke down:

  • Day 1: chest cardio and abs.
  • Day 2: thighs, arms, and exercise.
  • Day 3: Abs, back, and cardio.
  • Day 4: Free
  • Shoulders, legs, and cardio for Day 5.
  • Repeat.


Anton used to run sprints and long distances to burn calories and get in shape. In the 2010s, he hurt his back, which caused 2 disks to herniate and stopped him from doing hard cardio for good.

He works out on a stationary bike now, either after his workouts or first thing in the morning. If he is doing cardio to get in shape for a show, he is on the bike in the morning, afternoon, and after his workout.

Favorite Exercises

He says that his favorite way to work out changes each week. One week, he likes seated rows because the pulling motion is fun. The next week, he likes squats because they help build power in his quads.

He did a lot of walking lunges because his gym has an outdoor area where he has a lot of room to move. He drags the barbell and plates outside into this space and walks around, hitting his legs hard.

Anton Antipov stood in board shorts at a competition to show off his ripped abs, toned obliques, and big chest and delts.


Philosophy Of Nutrition

Anton does his best to keep his diet as simple as possible. When he doesn’t have a show coming up, he eats “unusual foods” like pancakes with syrup and fruit from time to time.

Before the off-season or the season, he always writes down his nutritional goals to keep in mind where he wants to look.

He also tries to be as consistent as possible with what he eats, because he believes that eating randomly will confuse the body.

Weight Loss All Year

Anton’s goal all year is to stay slim. He stays away from too many carbs and fats and instead eats as much lean meat as he can. A few times a week, steak is on the menu. He also grills fish, chicken, ostrich, and elk.

Anton mixes oats, skimmed milk, fruit, and a scoop of whey powder for breakfast. With the carbs and protein in this meal, his body will be ready for the day ahead.

Most of the time, he eats lean meats and vegetables before a show. He will get rid of the sweet potato and brown rice to save as much money as he can.


Supplements are extremely important in Anton’s diet. He says that it would be much harder for him to look the way he does without them.

Whey protein, multivitamins, fish oil, green tea extract, chlorella, spirulina, and BCAAs are his favorite supplements. He needs these supplements so that his immune system can work well and so that his muscles and other tissues can heal.

Favorite Off-Season Meal To Eat After A Workout

Anton likes to eat a quick meal and fill his body with nutrients after he works out during the off-season.

Since he started working out, he’s always had the same meal afterward: a big sweet potato mixed with blueberries, oats, protein powder, and egg whites.

After drinking or eating this mixture, he will cook a meal with solid food. This usually consists of lean meat and some good carbs, like brown rice.

Idols And Important People

Anton sticks to his diet plan very well. He also has a lot of respect for people who are like him. MMA fighter Vitor Belfort is one of his sports heroes because of how consistent and hard-hitting he is in life and training.

Anton is also influenced by the professional bodybuilder Ben Pakulski, who is a member of the IFBB. Ben is a legend in his sport, and Anton likes how humble he is about his success.

What Anton Antipov Can Teach Us?

The story of Anton Antipov shows how important it is to be consistent. Because of how he eats and trains consistently, he keeps getting better and better every day.

“To sculpt, we must first have concrete,” is one of his favorite quotes. If you are having trouble reaching your goals, it might help to remember this piece of advice. Consistency is very important, but having a good attitude is more important.