Aricia Silva
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Who is Aricia Silva?

Aricia Silva is a Brazilian glamour model, sponsored athlete, and internet sensation from So José. She is a well-known person who is renowned for appearing in well-known magazines like Playboy.

Short Career of Aricia Silva

Despite her success in the modeling and fitness professions, Aricia Silva didn’t always consider working out to be her primary love. She had begun training to work in administration when she was just 17 years old to pursue a career in business.

Around this time, she also started doing aerobic exercises to get a body fit for the beach. Her desire in becoming a model was spurred by the hours she spent in the gym toning her glutes and abs.

She persisted in working out, and over time, she started to catch the eye of Brazilian modeling scouts.

In the present day, Aricia is a popular model in Brazil. She has been abroad and made connections in the US and South America to develop her modeling career.

She has also put a lot of effort into growing her social media following, and daily fan growth is a result of her consistent posting.

Aricia Silva

Body Measurements of Aricia Silva

Full Name: Aricia Silva
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Glamour model, sponsored athlete, social media celebrity
WEIGHT: 135-145 pounds (61.2-65.8kg),
HEIGHT: 5’5″ (165cm)

“I thank God every day for my life, my family and my work, for being able to contemplate so many opportunities”.

Aricia Silva


  • Professional glamour model
  • Television appearances
  • Sponsored athlete



Beach-body Exercise

Aricia concentrates her exercise routine on keeping up her beach-ready model shape.

She stays away from dumbbells and any other heavy upper-body movements since she only wants to beef up her glutes and legs. The combat rope swing is one of the cardio-based upper-body workouts she practices.


Aricia Silva places a lot of emphasis on her glutes and legs throughout her workouts since she takes pride in them.

She combines exercises that build tone and definition in her legs, such as lunges, squats, and lying hamstring curls. She never forgets to work out her legs and glutes each week because she thinks they are her best attributes.


Aricia enjoys performing crunches, leg lifts, and planks to tone her abs. She ups the difficulty of these exercises before picture sessions, typically by adding a session of HIIT.

Aricia has to do cardio to lose weight and show off her abs, so she incorporates runs and HIIT workouts into her routine.

Aricia Silva


A Healthful Diet

Aricia Silva places a lot of importance on her diet, and she only consumes healthy organic foods. She consumes typical Brazilian fare including salads stuffed with tomatoes, peppers, and regional produce.

She also ensures that she meets her daily requirements for macronutrients. She consumes lean meat and fish, including turkey, chicken, and tuna, as well as good fats from nuts.

She also regularly tries out different low-carb meal options because she doesn’t want to bulk up too much. She like consuming fruit juice and smoothies in the morning together with native tropical fruits.


Aricia enjoys using specific dietary supplements in addition to her existing healthy diet. She includes whey protein, BCAAs, and a variety of specially formulated pre-workout teas.

What Lessons Can We Take Away From Aricia Silva?

Aricia’s experience demonstrates the value of exercise in a person’s life. Aricia Silva had planned to start a career in business before her first workout, but becoming in better shape made her decide to completely change her course.

She gained the self-assurance she need to work in the modeling and fitness professions thanks to her gym routines. She put in a lot of effort to build a successful modeling career abroad.

You might find the motivation you need to accomplish your career goals through your workouts.