Bananas and milk

Bananas and milk are often eaten together everywhere in the world and more so in Asia.

Whether eaten together individually or in form of smoothies or milk shakes, people relish it especially during the hot summer months.

Though frequently consumed together and considered a healthy combination, some people claim that it is not good for upper respiratory and digestive health and also for the waistline. A look in detail into these claims.

The nutritious advantage of bananas and milk

Bananas and milk separately have their own vital nutrients. Milk is an enriched source of proteins, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and B group of vitamins.

On the other hand, the fruit of banana has high calories. 1 banana provides more than 100 calories and is thus an instant source of energy. It is also packed with potassium, manganese, fiber, and vitamin B6.

Additionally, bananas have vitamin C that also serves as an antioxidant and protects the body cells from damage. This taking both at one meal provides the body with a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Bananas and milk
Bananas with milk: to eat or not to eat (Source: TOI)

Both of these edible items are good after a workout session. They build the glycogen stores and aid muscle healing and faster recovery. The fiber of bananas help bowel regularity and delays stomach emptying.

Due to the latter, one feels full after eating it and satiety is attained. Vitamin C is good for the immune function of the body and keeps body inflammatory process under check. Thereby, it prevents chronic diseases that come with age.

Disadvantages attributed to this combination

Bananas have 105 calories in each piece. And milk 1 cup gives 149 calories. Adding up the two the consumed calories become more.

If it is regularly taken together, it gives rise to weight gain and increase in waistline. Hence those who are trying to lose weight should avoid this combination.

Similarly, bananas are high in calories and can cause a rise in blood sugar. This might be harmful for those suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus. Milk also has added sugar in it. Hence taking the two is not advisable for diabetic patients.

Bananas and milk
Bananas and milk as milk shake (Source: NDTV food)

There are claims from Ayurveda that the combination of milk with bananas can reduce the digestive capability of the gut and hence body metabolism gets low.

They state that due to this, certain harmful toxins erupt in the body and are not healthy. Additionally, this ancient branch claims that bananas-milk together increase congestion in the upper airways. This can lead to sinus issues and allergies.

The bottomline

If one goes through the section on disadvantages of using dairy product with bananas, one can easily see that the claims are not evidence-based. There are no studies to support the claims.

They are just assumptions that science has not proven yet. So it would be wrong to take them and stop relishing our favorite milk shakes and smoothies.

Bananas and milk
Banana and milk and banana milk shake (Source: Shape magazine)

Until the above claims stating not to eat bananas with milk are researched into and proven, one can continue to enjoy them with no feelings of guilt.

But consume them in moderation and not daily or frequently lest it affects the waistline negatively. That might not be easy to correct for many.