Becca Louise Sills
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Who Is Becca Louise Sills?

Fitness model and sponsored athlete from Surrey, UK, Becca Louise. She is well-known for both her amazing physique and the training she posts on her online pages.

Becca, however, didn’t always have a physique suited for a fitness model.

Becca Louise Sills battled with being thin and “skinny” as a child. She excelled at gymnastics and did a variety of sports, but she never seemed to tone her muscles.

Becca didn’t find the solution to her troubles until she accidentally discovered weight lifting.

Since starting her weightlifting journey, Becca’s life has undergone a radical transformation. She has developed a fantastic physique in addition to a job in the fitness sector, becoming a sponsored athlete for some of the largest fitness firms in Britain.

I sometimes have to pinch myself, but I’m eternally grateful for the chance to meet and become friends with such lovely people.

Body Measurements Of Becca Louise Sills 

Full Name: Becca Louise Sills
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Sponsored Athlete
ERA: 2010


  • Exercise Model
  • Featured Athlete


Short Career Of Becca Louise Sills Becca Louise Sills

Becca Louise Sills works out in the gym four to six times per week. Her workout sessions last 60 to 90 minutes.

She typically exercises each body part once a week according to a body part split.

Her legs are the lone exception, which she exercises twice, sometimes even three times every week.

The workout “Back Attack” By Becca Louise Sills

  • 3 sets of 8–12 repetitions of lat pulldowns
  • Face pulls, 3 sets of 8–12 repetitions (primarily works the rear delts but also targets the traps, rotator cuffs, and minor muscles of the mid-back)
  • 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions of kettlebell rows
  • seated row, 3 sets of 8–12 repetitions.
  • 3 sets of 8–12 reps of pull-ups

Nutrition, (Diet Plan)Becca Louise Sills

Becca describes how she approaches macros and calorie counting in one of her videos. “I want to be honest,” she remarked. I don’t and have never tracked macros. I don’t think that’s the correct thing to do, but that’s just what I think personally.

Becca Louise Sills thinks that because everyone is unique, you should try a variety of things to determine what “works best for your body.”

What Becca Louise Sills Can Teach Us?

Becca Louise Sills has always enjoyed athletics, but she hasn’t been able to build the body of her dreams through them. She didn’t start appearing toned and fit until she started lifting weights.

Weight training could be able to assist you if, as Becca once did, you have trouble putting on a healthy weight.

An organized training regimen and calorie-dense diet should be adopted to assist you to develop and strengthening your body.