Belal Muhammad
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Currently, Belal Muhammad, an MMA competitor, is competing in the UFC Welterweight category. He is currently rated 13 in the UFC ranking 2020 with a record of 18 victories.

Speaking of being at the top of your game. Belal, though, is driven to win the top spot. Belal’s fans often call him “Remember The Name.”

Belal’s fighting style and the key to his victories are a result of his training. Therefore, keep reading if you’re also interested in learning about Belal Muhammad Workout Routine exercise routine and diet strategy.

Exercise And Diet Plan For Belal MuhammadBelal Muhammad

Dimensions Of Belal Muhammad

Height 5 ft 11 inch
Weight 77 kg
Age 32 years
Chest 43 inch
Waist 32 inch
Biceps 15 inch

Exercise Program For Belal Muhammad

Belal has participated in this MMA professional fight since 2012, and throughout that time he has demonstrated his competence and conditioning.

There are a lot of fighters that come and go, but very few who stick around. Belal is one of the survivors, therefore you can see him working hard every day of his life in the gym.

I tried to learn a few details about his fitness program from press articles and interviews. Fortunately, he’s very active on Instagram, so it’s not difficult to figure out the pattern he follows.

YouTube has videos as well; this one, for instance, demonstrates Belal’s sparring technique.

Belal places a lot of emphasis on MMA instruction and combat-related exercises. He does appear to engage in some weight-lifting exercises, but Belal focuses mostly on MMA-related activities.

I do believe I can provide you with a program to follow that will help you get near to Belal’s physical form and fitness since that is why he fights so naturally; after watching his movies.

First, we’ll exercise for five days, with each day’s workout being separated into two segments. A morning routine that emphasizes MMA training and an evening routine that emphasizes other things will be followed.

Exercises by Belal Muhammad consist of:

Daily Schedule

Belal Muhammad Workout Routine will be practiced in the morning as that is when a person has the most energy. You can therefore use all of your energy there without worrying.

You should join an MMA gym and train there instead of asking me for a regimen because that is outside the scope of my knowledge.

I would suggest working on your core muscles for 30 minutes once your MMA training is over. It will enable you to fight while taking a lot of punches and body kicks.

The core is the cornerstone of the human body, therefore even if you aren’t fighting, be sure to exercise it.

Evening Typical

To put more emphasis on improving your body’s health, the evening program will include weight training exercises.

Now, I suggest performing the upper-body and lower-body routines on consecutive days. Mix up the exercises and perform two to three sessions for each body area.

We will concentrate on practicing general strength-based exercises one day a week. On that day, workouts including combat rope, weight lifting, deadlifts, snatch, and rope climbing will be completed.

The Belal Muhammad exercise program comes to an end here.

The Belal Muhammad Diet Regimen

He has a perfect and healthy food plan. Belal occasionally enjoys eating junk food, but only when he knows a fight is coming up.

Belal will begin concentrating on eating healthfully at least two months before the fighting season. I can still provide you with a diet that you can follow even though I was unable to determine Belal’s exact diet.

The Diet of Belal Muhammad consists of:


  • Avocado toast
  • Chicken sausage or turkey bacon
  • Egg omelet
  • Juice


  • Protein smoothie


  • Chicken or turkey breast
  • Rice
  • Kale and asparagus
  • Brown rice

Evening Snacks

  • Fruit salad


  • Salmon or steak
  • Rice or sweet potato
  • Veggies
  • Salad

That’s all for the Belal Muhammad diet plan.