Brandon Budlong
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Who is Brandon Budlong?

Bodybuilder, fitness instructor, and business owner Brandon Budlong, popularly known as Brandonfitfoodie, hails from the United States.

In 2013, Brandon Budlong got his first taste of the competitive lifestyle. He finished eighth in his debut that year before placing second and first in his subsequent two performances.

Short Career of Brandon Budlong

He has achieved the top of his career via perseverance both inside and outside of the gym. Although Brandon enjoys competing and winning competitions, he views fitness as a team sport rather than a solitary endeavor.

One of the reasons he enjoys advising admirers on social media is because he finds inspiration in seeing others fulfill their aspirations.

“I’m inspired by positivity. Anyone who has a positive outlook on life inspires me to be a better person.”

Brandon Budlong

Body Measurements of Brandon Budlong

Full Name: Brandon Budlong
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: fitness competitor, coach, and entrepreneur 
ALIAS: brandonfitfoodie

“One of my pet peeves is when people ask for advice and do not follow through with it. “


  • Fitness Coach
  • Competitor
  • Sponsored Athlete

Contest History


  • Western Regional Championships, Men’s Physique Class G, 8th place


  • Thunderdome Championships, NPC Men’s Physique Class B, 2nd place
  • Europa Phoenix, NPC Men’s Physique Class D, 1st place


  • Junior Nationals, NPC Men’s Physique Class F, 16th place


  • NPC Universe, Men’s Physique Class H, 13th place


Brandon Budlong, who was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, didn’t always want to be a bodybuilder.

Brandon’s dream as he participated in sports throughout his boyhood was to play professionally.

Brandon’s luck was not on his side, though, as he had numerous injuries over the years, forcing him to give up his dream.

Taking a New Route

Brandon didn’t let his injury predicament, however terrible it was, get the better of him. He was keen to keep moving forward and explore other opportunities, particularly in fitness competitions.

By this time, Brandon was a frequent gym goer due to his growing interest in the lifting sport as well as the need to hasten the healing of previous injuries. He eventually made what had been merely a hobby into a full-time job.

Brandon immediately realized that he wanted to compete in bodybuilding. This provided him a goal and incentive to keep working out harder, which allowed him to advance to a whole new level.

Competitions for fitness

After months of rehabilitation and effort, Brandon debuted as a bodybuilder in 2013. Brandon placed eighth on the Western Regional Championships television program.

Brandon made an appearance in his next production, Europa Phoenix 2015, less than two years later. He arrived in better shape this time, which helped him take home the top prize.

By 2018, Brandon had accumulated several accomplishments and had established himself as a social media personality to keep an eye on.


Every day, Brandon does weightlifting. He doesn’t always lift as much weight, though. making each rep count by emphasizing the relationship between the mind and the muscles.

completing the final few reps of each set while maintaining a controlled form. This is what reshapes and polishes Brandon’s physique in minute aspects, which is crucial for his competitions.

Brandon’s Approach to Training

Brandon is willing to go to “whatever lengths necessary” to win a bodybuilding competition. This entails working out more intensely than everyone else. He might even train twice a day when getting ready for a performance.

Maintaining his rigorous routine is a little of a challenge for Brandon. He claims that the gym is the one thing that he simply cannot live without.

Brandon Budlong


Although Brandon enjoys working out hard, he does not advocate that everyone follow his example. He advises taking occasional days off to allow the body to relax. However, he finds it challenging to miss a workout because bodybuilding is such a great interest for him.

Workout Plan Model

Because Brandon enjoys switching up his workouts frequently, his training schedule can alter daily.

In light of that, the following is an example of his average week:

  • Monday – Chest & Biceps
  • Tuesday – Legs & Calves (Heavy day, Low reps)
  • Wednesday Back & Triceps
  • Thursday – Legs & Calves (Light Day, Higher reps)
  • Friday – Shoulders & Abs
  • Saturday – Cardio and Chest (Compound Movements Only)
  • Sunday – Cardio and Back (Compound Movements Only)


Brandon places a strong emphasis on high-quality, nutrient-dense meals when it comes to his diet.

Along with making sure he consumes all the macronutrients, he also makes sure to obtain enough fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These not only support Brandon’s athletic fitness but also help him stay lean and powerful.

Food Day for Brandon

Brandon will consume one of his detox beverages first thing in the morning. Bananas, kale, spinach, and other fruits and vegetables may be present. He will consume it on an empty stomach because of this aids in the nutrients’ absorption.

Brandon Budlong travels for his job and sees clients. He will quickly grab a meal or a snack during his breaks. To keep his metabolism humming, Brandon strives to eat six to eight times daily.

Before his evening workout, he will consume something high in carbohydrates, which will give him additional energy.


Naturally, Brandon will cut calories when he wants to become incredibly slim for a competition. He might consume 500 fewer calories than his body requires.

His body begins to draw energy from its stores as a result. However, when Brandon consumes a lot of protein, his body will burn through his fat reserves rather than his muscles.

Brandon Budlong Takes Supplements

Brandon attempts to acquire what he needs from diet alone and doesn’t take many supplements.

However, it might occasionally be challenging for him to meet his nutritional needs while traveling. He needs a lot of calories as a bodybuilder to keep his body sleek and powerful.

Brandon may turn to basic multivitamins and a whey protein smoothie during these times. His body is kept in an “anabolic” state, which prevents muscle loss, by a protein drink, while vitamins promote his overall health and wellness.

Influences and Idols

His family and close friends are Brandon’s primary sources of inspiration. He claims that they are the ones that help him get back up when he is down and push him above his comfort zone to be the best version of himself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to Brandon, would be his ideal dinner companion. Not for his acting career, but rather for his business and bodybuilding expertise, he continued.

What Brandon Budlong can teach us?

Fitness and bodybuilding are two things Brandon Budlong enjoys a lot.

He’s been driven to succeed and be the top Men’s Physique competitor on stage ever since he learned about it.

However, one aspect of Brandon that strikes out is that he hardly ever takes vacation days. His love for bodybuilding is so great that he doesn’t arrange any days off.

Brandon shows us that if you find your true calling in life, your job ceases to feel like work. You’ll eagerly anticipate living your passion every day.

Brandon also reminded us to never let anything hold us back from realizing our potential. In his youth, Brandon aspired to play professional sports, but ailments prevented him from doing so.

But he never gave up, and through bodybuilding and fitness, he discovered an entirely new love.