Brittany Perille
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Who Is Brittany Perille?

American personal trainer, businesswoman, and sponsored athlete Brittany Perille Yobe.

She has a significant social media following thanks to her encouraging words, which have also gained her recognition for her abs and glutes.

Growing up, Brittany had a strong enthusiasm for health and exercise. She decided that she could develop an amazing body with perseverance and hard work and that she might make a career out of assisting others in doing the same.

She made this ambition a reality and pursued training to become a personal trainer after graduating from college. Brittany is now a well-known trainer with a growing clientele.

“Progress is being made, but it’s a constant process.”

Body Measurements Of Brittany Perille

Full Name: Brittany Perille
HEIGHT: 5’9″ (175cm)
WEIGHT: Under 115lbs (52.2kg)
PROFESSION: Personal Trainer, Sponsored Athlete
ERA: 2010


  • professional personal trainer
  • Featured Athlete
  • Internet celebrity


Short Career Of Brittany PerilleBrittany Perille

Brittany was born in Chicago in 1989. (the USA.) She lived in a metropolitan suburb for eleven years before relocating to Northridge, California, with her family.

Brittany always puts great emphasis on maintaining her fitness. She said that after earning her degree from The University of Santa Barbara, she will pursue a career in the fitness sector because “the gym has a special place in my heart.”

Brittany began looking into fitness programs to launch her career in the sector, and in doing so, she stumbled across The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) degree.

She excelled in this training, honing her skills in organizing and instructing clients in their customized fitness regimens.

Creating Exercise ProgramsBrittany Perille

Brittany Perille started creating and teaching three fitness routines just for women using all the knowledge she gathered while pursuing her certifications.

The Resistance Band Program, The Hip Thrusting and Cables Program, and The Ultimate Program are what she called them.

These exercise regimens were designed with women’s glutes, abs, and leg workouts in mind. Always, Brittany tells her students to “remain focused” and to “have compassion with your body.”

Fame On Social Media

When Brittany first started, she was able to gain hundreds of thousands of followers thanks to her three workout regimens and her frequent Instagram uploads.

Throughout her journey, she stayed committed to helping women achieve their dream bodies, and she started posting frequent videos to motivate her customers and admirers.

Brittany Perille decided to start a family after years of working as a personal trainer and upholding her reputation as an online fitness celebrity.

She decided to change her approach to helping other pregnant women work out after finding out she was pregnant in 2016.

This combination of tips for exercising while pregnant and general recommendations for other women turned out to be helpful. With the words “thank you for all the love and support guys,” Brittany was able to win over a large number of new fans.

Brittany’s Development

“While genetics certainly play a key influence in deciding the size of your glutes, it is unquestionably possible to dramatically expand the muscles.”

Training, (Fitness)

Brittany spends a lot of time designing specific workout plans for women in her capacity as a personal trainer. She continues to exert a lot of effort in the gym as well, working out for two hours every day using her body weight for resistance and cardio.

Glute Exercise

Brittany Perille’s personal and instructional routines place a lot of emphasis on the glutes. She enjoys working out her legs three times a week for an hour, usually including squats, lunges, and hip thrusts.

The barbell hip thrust is Brittany’s go-to exercise for her glutes. She performs this exercise while lifting 265 pounds, believing it to be her favorite exercise for developing powerful leg muscles.

Bands Of Resistance

Resistance band circuit exercises are another of Brittany’s favorites. She claims they are adaptable and can be performed anywhere, including at home.

Due to her hectic schedule that includes training clients, taking care of her family, and traveling, Brittany wants to fit these workouts into her regimen as often as she can.

“If I consume more calories than I should in one day, I will increase my aerobic intensity or reduce my calorie intake the following day. It all comes down to balance.

Nutrition, (Fitness)

Brittany “has to eat every two to three hours” to make sure she has a steady intake of protein and carbohydrates to maintain her figure. Her continual goal is to meet her macronutrient requirements, and she carefully watches her protein consumption by eating several little meals throughout the day.

She also consumes foods low in FODMAPS. She does not consume short-chain carbs or sugar alcohol because she believes that doing so will improve the health of her digestive system.

A sample of her typical daily meal plan is provided below:


  • a protein snack with a pill of vitamins
  • shake made with whey protein and banana.


  • Bok choy with chicken with brown rice.
  • peanut butter-topped rice cakes
  • Shake an amino acid


  • Chicken with bok choy and sweet potatoes.
  • A whey protein shake or protein bar.

“Even though a perfect physique doesn’t exist, I’m still going to pursue it as hard as I can.”

What Brittany Perille Yobe Can Teach Us?

Brittany Perille Yobe has demonstrated that pursuing your passions can be quite fruitful.

She didn’t allow anything to stop her from pursuing her dream of being a personal trainer because she was certain that this was the appropriate vocation for her.

Her tremendous passion for the exercise lifestyle has contributed to her success in the fitness business. If you are as committed to reaching your goals as Brittany is, nothing can stand in your way.