Caleb Blanchard
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Who is Caleb Blanchard?

American professional bodybuilder Caleb Blanchard competes in the IFBB 212 division. Since joining the bodybuilding industry’s competitive circuit in 2010, he has won several competitions.

Caleb was a sports fanatic when he was younger. American football was one of his favorite sports. He had a weakness, though, in that he wasn’t as big and strong as his contemporaries.

This infuriated Caleb, so he decided to change his circumstances by lifting weights. During this time, he also started working in the nearby oil fields, which contributed to his continued growth in size and strength. Caleb describes the task as “difficult, taxing, and physically demanding.”

Caleb’s body immediately started to adapt well to the demanding training sessions and lengthy workdays; his strength was increasing quickly. He merely needed a few months to change his physique.

After some time, Caleb decided to quit his work and devote himself entirely to bodybuilding. He developed into a professional athlete, winning numerous awards along the way, including his Pro Card in 2014. Here is his account:

“My physique takes to hard work well, and my proportions and symmetry allowed me to participate in bodybuilding at a high level. I adore the mental and physical challenges of the gym. I also enjoy showcasing my efforts.

“While the majority of people only know me as a professional bodybuilder, I am much more than that. I am a professional trainer, sports coach, and all-around athlete. I’m a budding actor who uses my physical presence to win good parts.

Body Measurements Of Caleb Blanchard 

Full Name: Caleb Blanchard
HEIGHT: 5’7″ (170cm)
WEIGHT: 225 – 235lbs (102.1 – 106.6kg)
PROFESSION: Professional Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer
ERA: 2010



  • Chicago Pro, bodybuilding: 212, second place in the IFBB
  • Bodybuilder Dallas Europa, IFBB 212, N/A


  • Bodybuilding, Europa Games: IFBB Pro 212, eighth place


  • NPC Bodybuilding, Cajun Showdown: Guest Poser
  • NPC Bodybuilding USA Championships, Light Heavyweight: First Place – Earned Pro Card
  • NPC Bodybuilding at the Europa SuperShow: Overall, first place


  • NPC Bodybuilding Championships in the USA: Light Heavyweight, second place


  • NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships, Heavyweight: fifth place


  • Men’s heavyweight division, junior nationals: fifth place
  • Performing a back double biceps flex while looking toned is Caleb Blanchard.

Early Life Of Caleb Blanchard Caleb Blanchard

Caleb Blanchard participated in several sports when he was younger. These included baseball, roller hockey, and American football.

Despite being a passionate player, Caleb lagged behind his contemporaries in terms of physical ability; he was smaller and weaker than most of them. He was annoyed by this.

After some time, Caleb got sick of feeling weak and decided to start exercising. At first, all he had was some broken gym equipment that he had salvaged from his neighbors and exercised in his garden.

This, however, swiftly altered. Caleb’s mother purchased him a gym membership after noticing his ferocious zeal for weightlifting. Caleb adds, “She had the wisdom and aptitude to understand I needed a healthy channel to express myself.”

First Competitions, Bodybuilding Caleb Blanchard

Caleb started competing in bench press contests not long after he began his bodybuilding quest. He claims that as his power increased, he began “dominating these contests.”

He wasn’t ‘hooked’ on weightlifting for very long. Caleb chose to take things a step further by participating in bodybuilding competitions, entering his first one at the age of 18.

The event was referred to as the American Jr. National Championships, and the year was 2010. After weeks of practice, Caleb finally took the stage and finished fifth.

Caleb worked in the oil fields in addition to becoming a bodybuilder.

But following his final competition, he decided to quit his former profession and concentrate on succeeding in the lifting sport. He began to participate in bodybuilding competitions annually, expanding his experience steadily.

Card Pro, (Workout)

After four years of competition, Caleb faced his toughest test so far in the USA Nationals in 2014.

Amateur bodybuilders that won this competition went on to become IFBB Pros. Only those who finished in the top three may join the elite circuit, though.

Caleb was certain he could win the award after putting in a lot of effort in the gym for several months.

In the end, his instincts were right. He received his IFBB Pro Card as well as first place in the competition.

Today’s Caleb Blanchard, (Exercise)

Caleb transitioned to the IFBB 212 heavyweight division after receiving his Pro Card, where he subsequently won several top honors. This includes his second-place finish in the 2018 Wings of Strength Chicago Pro.

Many of Caleb Blanchard’s admirers and other onlookers are in awe of his sculpted figure as he continues to perform at the highest level.

Training, (Exercise)

Caleb Blanchard doesn’t follow a predetermined workout schedule. His “wild” schedule results in continual changes to his workouts and training frequency.

Caleb strives to exercise at least four to five times per week. Along with additional aerobic workouts when he is getting ready for a show.

When working out, I frequently listen to Endo Trance and high-intensity rock. Some locally created, really extreme rap. If I’m in that sort of mood, I might even listen to a motivating podcast.

Nutrition, (Diet Plan)

Caleb declares, “Diet is highly holy to me. He exclusively consumes healthy, organic meals.

He will eat a well-balanced meal every morning that includes lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and some fats. 50 grams of egg whites, 60 to 80 grams of oats, and a few walnuts are included in this.

He eats jasmine rice, chicken or turkey breasts, and a lot of vegetables for his “major meals” throughout the day. Caleb will consume a protein smoothie following exercise.

“I’ll eat lean meat or eggs with green vegetables before going to bed. Midnight shakes to maintain anabolism in the early morning hours.

Influences And Idols, (Fitness)

Caleb draws inspiration from his followers and clients who have succeeded in their fitness goals with his guidance.

I don’t mind being dubbed a bodybuilder, but I’m doing so much more with my life, especially making a significant impact on the lives of those I train and mentor.

What Caleb Blanchard Can Teach Us

Caleb didn’t have success handed to him on a silver platter, as we can see from his story. He occasionally had to perform physically tough work in the oil fields, which left him with little energy for his bodybuilding activities.

Caleb didn’t let this deter him, though. With little money and even less time, he continued to put in hard labor. With perseverance and everyday work, he slowly brought his ambitions to life while up against the odds.

We can learn one lesson from his story: You get what you put into it. If you have lofty goals and aspirations, now is the time to work just as hard and be just as committed to achieving them. similar to what Caleb did.