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He is a recognized actor, model, and lawyer who has been in several films and TV programs, including Dolunay, Erkenci Kus, Gönül Isleri, Bay Yanlis, and others.

Can Yaman claim to have appeared on the covers of numerous well-known publications like GQ, Men’s Health, etc.? Can Yaman is attractive to women no matter how you look at him, and he inspires men to emulate him.

His body composition especially sticks out. Can Yaman Workout Routine has a remarkable physique that gives him the appearance of a competitive bodybuilder?

Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about the Can diet and exercise program.

Can Yaman Follow A Dietary Program?Can Yaman

Yaman Body Stats Can

Height 6 ft 1 inch
Weight 85 kg
Age 31 years
Chest 44 inch
Waist 33 inch
Biceps 16 inch

Yaman Workout Schedule

Being fit and in shape is always Can the first goal because he is both an actor and a model. Yaman follows a strict regimen and, along with it, maintains a clean diet to achieve this. He also works out frequently.

Can now able to retain his physical appearance and keep improving this? Let’s have a look at what he does to maintain his physical appearance.

Can workout consists of:

Combative Arts

Martial arts have always been Can passion, as the Men’s Health article also reveals. He enjoys showing off a lot of his mixed martial arts techniques to his Instagram followers.

Take these two posts as an illustration to show some of the exercises performed when working with the trainer.

To assist you in teaching martial arts, it will be better to join a fighting gym. Can Yaman Workout Routine participates in this workout at least three to four days a week and typically qualifies for an hour?


Yaman adds that he enjoys boxing and trains for an hour before a match. Yaman prefers bodyweight exercises to other types of weight training, hence the majority of his routines consist of fighting and exercises with a high bodyweight intensity.

In a legitimate fighting gym, you will alternate between martial arts and boxing workouts, so be sure to keep the balance by training three days per week for both exercises.


CrossFit is a fantastic workout for gaining strength, endurance, and lean muscle. After finishing his fighting training, Yaman enjoys doing a 30-minute CrossFit session.

There was little information available regarding the exercises he performs, however, I’m assuming some vigorous exercises like:

  • Snatch
  • Pressing with kettlebell squats
  • Push-ups with alligators
  • jerk and clean
  • combat ropes
  • rope ascent
  • Air-bike
  • flip a tire

Core Exercise

Things like that, but if you’re just beginning out with exercise, watch out for overworking and pushing yourself too hard.

The Can Yaman exercise program comes to an end here.

Can discuss his diet in the same Men’s Health interview. Yaman claimed to consume a well-balanced diet that includes lipids, protein, and carbohydrates.

Yaman added that he consumes every type of spice because of his pastime and that everything he eats is prosperous and delicious.

It safeguards his immune system as well. Yaman consumes a variety of supplements, including Omega 3, Red Ginseng, Garlic, and Magnesium.

In addition, Yaman told Men’s Health that when he has an unexpected food need, he must have eggs and artichokes.

Oatmeal pancakes, bananas, and walnuts are stapled foods for Yaman. To balance the Yaman diet, you guys can include some lean meat and some vegetables.

Additionally, bear in mind that you need to consume about 2 gallons of water each day to stay hydrated and fit.

The Can Yaman diet is now complete.