Carol Franca
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Who is Carol Franca?

Brazilian sports nutritionist Carol Franca is a WBFF Diva Fitness Pro.

Short Career of Carol Franca

Carol Franca

Carol Franca enrolled in UniRio University to study nutrition as a result of developing an interest in physical fitness and wellness. She excelled in school and afterward pursued postgraduate studies in orthomolecular therapy and nutrigenomics.

Carol not only accomplished well in school, but she also went on to have success in the fitness business. She quickly advanced through the ranks of bikini shows while competing as a WBFF athlete.

Carol now combines her knowledge of sports nutrition with her love of exercise to maintain her amazing body and assist others in gaining theirs.

Body Measurements of Carol Franca

Full Name: Carol Franca
PROFESSION: Nutritionist, WBFF Fitness Model
ERA: 2010


  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Fitness and Health Coach
  • WBFF Diva Fitness Pro


Carol Franca

Carol Franca works out 5-7 days a week to maintain her fitness. She works out with a combination of free-weight exercises and machine isolation exercises.

She would divide her workouts into sessions for her upper and lower bodies in terms of training details. Carol performs pull-ups, ab rollouts, and bicep curls among other upper body exercises. Her go-to lower body exercises are lunges and hack squats.

Carol wants to stay active on her rest days even when she isn’t working out at the gym.

She might take a long walk, enroll in swimming lessons, or engage in her preferred sport as a kind of recreation.

Carol Franca poses for a picture wearing a sports bra and appears trim and fit.


Carol Franca

Carol consumes six smaller meals each day to maintain a healthy metabolism and prevent cravings.

Lean meat, yams, dark green vegetables, berries, and cold-pressed oils and fats are the mainstays of her diet. These foods help Carol stay energized without raising her blood sugar or making her gain weight.

Hack Days

Carol is a nutritionist, therefore she is well aware that eating is the key to health.

She refrains from eating “cheat meals” and stays away from any processed foods as a result. By doing this, she keeps her body from becoming overloaded with dangerous trans fats and carbohydrates.

What Could Carol Teach Us?

We have learned from Carol Franca to always aim high and never give up on our dreams.

You may achieve a lot if you remain committed to your objectives and put forth enough effort. Who better to emulate if you’re looking for inspiration than Carol? You may be inspired by her example to take that courageous step toward a better life.