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Producer, performer, and composer Charlie Puth is a talent. He has released several singles, including “attention,” “we don’t talk anymore,” “see you again,” and “one call away.”

Charlie Puth has taken a love of being in shape and healthy over the past few years, and he currently has a great appearance.

Therefore, if you’re interested in finding out more about Charlie’s exercise program and eating strategy, stop searching now.

Charlie Puth Body Stats

Height 5 ft 11 inches (Approximately)
Weight 74 kg
Age 28 years
Chest 42 inch
Waist 32 inch
Biceps 14.5 inch

Charlie Puth Exercise Routine

Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth does a lot of cardio and weight training in his workouts, according to an interview he gave to Men’s Health just last year. Therefore, I will only discuss what Charlie has said himself.

You can see Charlie discussing his physique aspirations in that interview; he said that while he doesn’t want to become extremely massive like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he does want to have at least 30% of that actor’s bulk. He also discussed his exercise regimen while on the tour.

He revealed to Men’s Health that he exercises on the bus while on tour by performing pushups, crunches, etc. Charlie works out with his trainer Harley Pasternak for around an hour five times per week.

Charlie added that he finds that the only way he can get all of his muscles to work together is through vigorous exercise.

The Charlie Workout consists of:

Cardio, Treadmill

In the Men’s Health video interview, Charlie can be seen working out on a treadmill and an air bike quite a bit. Now that he enjoys using the treadmill, he even declared that, if possible, he would bring his treadmill on the tour bus.

Running on the treadmill for Charlie is similar to meditation since it allows him to zone out and think about his music and other things.

Charlie Puth Lifting Weights, Warming Up

Charlie mostly works out every body area in the weight training regimen; you can see him warming up with some lunges and doing them in between other weight exercises.

Charlie also mentioned that I enjoy performing lunges and that the more you do them, the more V-shaped lines your abs will develop.

Next, he demonstrated TRX rows, which he also performs before concerts to improve posture. He then performs some pulldowns since, in his opinion, you can never do enough back exercises.

Then he performs exercises like lateral raises, hammer curls, and military dumbbell press.

As we can see, he works out his entire body, occasionally adding in the abs regimen he didn’t discuss in his video interview with Men’s Health.

So yep, that covers everything Charlie Puth mentioned in his exercise program.

The Charlie Puth Diet

Charlie discussed his nutrition, how he wasn’t eating as healthily a year ago, and how he has changed to be a healthier person now in that video.

Because of an allergy to pigs, Charlie cannot consume pork or eggs. Apart from that, he consumes nearly anything, including fish, poultry, steak, and veggies.

Additionally, he consumes a protein shake and a smoothie made with almond milk, apples, bananas, yogurt, and cinnamon.

Charlie enjoys a delicious sushi meal in the evening and always includes avocado and cucumber in his dishes. In addition to drinking a lot of tea, Charlie does so to maintain the quality of his voice and to stay healthy.

The Charlie Puth Diet consists of:

Charlie Puth Breakfast Meal

  • Smoothie and coffee

Charlie Puth Lunch Meal

  • Salmon and veggies

Charlie Puth Dinner Meal

  • Sushi, and veggies


  • Smoothies
  • Protein shakes
  • Tea
  • Fruits
  • Veggies

Cheat meal

  • Pizza

This is all about Charlie Puth Diet Plan.