Chase Savoie
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Who is Chase Savoie?

American professional Men’s Physique competitor Chase Savoie debuted in the sport of bodybuilding in 2013.

Just over a year later, at the 2014 NPC National Championships, he earned IFBB Pro status.

After graduating from high school, Chase Savoie, an avid American football player throughout his adolescence, looked for a fresh challenge. He decided to enter the men’s physique competition in order do it?

Since that time, he has continued to establish himself as a prominent figure on the bodybuilding scene, consistently finishing in the top 5 in events like the 2013 NPC Europa SuperShow, 2015 Puerto Rico Pro, and the 2017 Europa Dallas, to mention a few.

Here is his account:

Chase Savoie

Body Measurements of Chase Savoie

Full Name: Chase Savoie
HEIGHT: 5’10” (177.5cm)
WEIGHT: 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)
PROFESSION: IFBB Men’s Physique Pro, Fitness Model, Sponsored Athlete
ERA: 2010


Career Accomplishments

  • Men’s Physique Pro IFBB
  • Exercise Model
  • Featured Athlete

Competition Background


  • Wings of Strength Chicago Pro: Men’s Physique – 5th place
  • Puerto Rico Pro: Men’s Physique – 3rd place
  • Europa Dallas: Men’s Physique – 3rd place
  • New York Pro: Men’s Physique – 5th place
  • Pittsburgh Pro: Men’s Physique – 7th place


  • Mr. Olympia Weekend: Men’s Physique – 12th place
  • Toronto Pro: Men’s Physique – 4th place
  • Puerto Rico Pro: Men’s Physique – 1st place
  • New York Pro: IFBB Pro Men’s Physique – 3rd place


  • Fort Lauderdale Cup: Men’s Physique – 6th place
  • Mr. Olympia Weekend: Men’s Physique – 14th place
  • Puerto Rico Pro: Men’s Physique – 1st place
  • New York Pro: Men’s Physique – 2nd place


  • National Championships (NPC): Men’s Physique Class C – 1st place/Earned Pro Card
  • Cajun Showdown: Men’s Physique Class B – 2nd place


  • IFBB North American Championships: Men’s Physique Class C – 9th place
  • NPC Europa SuperShow: Men’s Physique Class B – 2nd place
  • NPC Greater Gulf: Men’s Physique Class B – 4th place


The Sporting Beginnings Of Chase

Chase has had a lifelong enthusiasm for fitness and played American football with vigor and skill throughout his high school years.

He started working at a gym in his neighborhood after graduating from high school. He was first exposed to weight training at this time.

Chase made it his mission since then to develop a lean, shredded figure. He started frequently lifting weights as a result.

Soon after, he was able to add a large amount of muscle mass. By the time he was 17, Chase had worked hard to develop an amazing body. He didn’t want to stop there, though.

Chase started to get more active in fitness modeling at this point. He kept up his rigorous exercise schedule day in and day out at the same time.

Aiming to appear his best for more prospective picture shoots, the chase was further inspired to improve his physique by this early success in his modeling career.

But after making significant strides in the weight room, Chase was ready to take things a step further.

He then decided that he wanted to compete in men’s physique, which would provide him the chance to display his impressive body live on stage.

Chase recalled the moment he decided competing on the bodybuilding stage was his next career move as follows:

“I wanted to keep competing after high school sports and saw it as the ideal challenge for my body and mind,” the author said.

Stage Competition

In 2013, Chase made his on-stage debut at the NPC Greater Gulf competition. Chase finished fourth and was immediately hooked.

He was inspired to pursue higher opportunities after finishing in the top 5 in his maiden tournament outing. Since achieving his immense success, he hasn’t turned back.

In his subsequent tournaments, Chase extended his remarkable run of performances by placing second in the 2013 NPC Europa Super Show and the 2014 Cajun Showdown.

Chase felt that this was insufficient. He had his sights set on getting his Pro Card, so second place was not an option for him.

Chase came in first at the 2014 NPC National Championships. He was given IFBB Pro status as a result. Because of this, Chase was well aware that success on the bodybuilding scene requires dedication and hard effort.

Chase had three top-four finishes in 2016 alone, demonstrating his enormous potential as a Men’s Physique Pro bodybuilder. This featured Chase’s winning performance at the 2016 Puerto Rico Pro.

Breaking into the top 5 consistently as a Men’s Physique Pro bodybuilder was just the beginning of Chase’s success on and off the bodybuilding stage.

As a result, he quickly gained famous on social media and secured a sponsorship.


Chase Savoie

Chase Savoie prefers to lift hard while performing compound movements like squats and deadlifts, but he also mixes heavy lifts with low reps and lesser weights with high reps.

He uses heavier weights for isolated workouts like preacher curls and dumbbell lateral raises, though.

Here is Chase discussing his training strategies:

“I always lift heavily, whether it’s pre-contest or during the off-season. I also always alternate between lesser weight with more squeezing for precision and big weight with fewer reps.

To target the fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers, you must use both strategies. I make the most of my training in this manner.

His training split and preferred routines for each muscle group are shown below:

Split In Chase’s Training

  • Monday: Chest, Delts, and Triceps
  • Tuesday: Legs
  • Wednesday: Back and Biceps
  • Thursday: Rest Day
  • Friday: Chest, Delts, and Triceps
  • Saturday: Back and Biceps
  • Sunday: Off

Favorite Workouts

  • Legs: Squat
  • Back: Deadlift
  • Chest: Incline Bench Press
  • Shoulders: Behind the Neck Press
  • Triceps: Lying EZ-Bar Skull Crusher
  • Biceps: EZ-bar Preacher Curl
  • Calves: Donkey Calf Raise
  • Abs: Hanging Knee Raise


To stay as thin as possible, especially in the run-up to competitions, Chase tries to stick to mostly clean eating choices.

He uses complex carbs to fuel his rigorous exercises, and for a speedy recovery afterward, he consumes lean protein and healthy fats.

Chase also enjoys preparing his meals at the beginning of the week. As a result, he is less likely to be persuaded to make poor dietary choices.

Influences And Idols

Chase draws inspiration from the traditional bodybuilders of the 1970s and 1980s. His biggest influences are fitness legends like Frank Zane and Bob Paris.

They possessed lean, well-defined, and proportioned bodies in their prime, which motivated Chase to work to achieve a similar body.

What Chase Savoie Can Teach Us?

What we can learn from Chase Savoie is that he was able to accomplish amazing success in his career as a Men’s Physique Pro bodybuilder, peaking in 2014 after receiving his Pro Card.

He attributes this achievement to his passion, determination, and “never give up” mentality.

After high school, Chase continued to pursue his passion for competitive athletics, which helped him develop a superb body early on.

You might be able to achieve your goals in life if you work hard and are determined, as Chase Savoie was able to do.