Cheese kebabs

Cheebabs, yes! That’s the name for the cheese kebabs. They are finally in the UK and the product is the world’s first of its kind developed in Switzerland. And now vegetarians will be able to enjoy it with their booze. More on it below. Read on.

Cheebabs- world’s first cheese kebabs

Food innovations keep happening. They add variety to the foods. Meat lovers used to enjoy and relish the best kebabs in pubs and restaurants. While vegetarians were feeling left out. They did not have any meat substitute for it.

Cheese kebabs
Cheese kebabs (Source: LADbible)

But their long wait seems over. Because cheebabs have hit the UK. These are cheese kebabs that are made from a specially made huge roll of Swiss cheese. This is then caramelized to a crispy texture on a rotisserie. Shavings of these are added on the inside of a flatbread along with veggies and sauces.

The credit for this innovation goes to Roland Ruegg who is a master cheesemaker. He spent months in trying to perfect this meat alternative for vegetarians. And the result looks amazing. The product was developed in Zurich Oberland, Switzerland.

Stores for cheebabs

The store for selling it has already come up in Cutty Sark Market, in Greenwich, South London. 6 April 2023 is the launch date for it. And two weeks after this, another store in Camden will start selling it. Each food dish of these cheese kebabs will cost ten pounds. And if people in the UK love it, more stores would be soon coming up in other parts of the UK.

Cheese kebabs
Cheese kebabs (Source: Pinterest)

The taste of this snack is akin to cheddar, raclette cheese and halloumi (a type of cheese). Ekram Khan, the marketing director states:

Hopefully a meat kebab will no longer be the British takeaway of choice.”

This kebab does not melt. But it turns crispy on the ordinary rotisserie grill. Usually animal rennet is used to make cheese. This precipitates out the milk protein. Due to this, the fluid milk turns into solid cheese and whey is separated out. But in cheebab making, vegetable rennet only is used. Thus, vegetarians can consume it with no fear.

Taste and nutrition of cheese kebabs

The company’s website states that the taste is fabulous. Moreover, these kebabs have high protein content and are highly nutritious. The product is made from high quality of Swiss cow’s milk. There are no added preservatives in it. And it remains best for six months.

Opinion so far says:

It’s spicy and powerful, but doesn’t take up too much space. It also lets the other ingredients (onions! red cabbage! hot!) come into their own and blends in perfectly with the halloumi-like texture.”

The social editor Laura Tenchio who has tasted the innovative product opines:

And it’s well salted, that’s important for a kebab,”

“Especially as a vegetarian, I always had cravings for something really salty.”

Unlike the doner kebabs, the cheebabs are soft on the stomach. The creator Roland reveals:

From the vision to the first usable result, we worked on the recipe and production for about a year.”

Cheese kebabs
Cheese kebabs (Source: Brightfly)

Asked whether the cheebabs would replace the meat skewer, Roland denies:

“No way. It’s just supposed to be an alternative for vegetarians. We have therefore also made sure that the rennet used in the cheese is vegetable.”

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When questioned about the reason for the cheese not melting, Roland laughed:

“That was the biggest challenge. That’s why it remains our secret. At least until someone else finds out.”