Chelsea Keyasko
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Who is Chelsea Keyasko?

Chelsea Keyasko, a professional fitness model with a sizable social media following, was born and raised in New Jersey.

Her superb abdominal definition and well-built physique have garnered attention in the East Coast bodybuilding scene.

Short Career of Chelsea Keyasko

Since sharing expert photos online in 2013, Chelsea Keyasko has had a “take-off” in her business.

She has been able to establish professional connections all around the world and amass a large worldwide fan base thanks to her social media activities.

With her amazing figure and successful bodybuilding career, Chelsea has inspired a lot of her followers. Here is her account:

“When life gives you lemons you make some pre-workout and f*** s*** up.”

Body Measurements of Chelsea Keyasko

Full Name: Chelsea Keyasko
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Fitness Model
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg) 
HEIGHT: 5’10” (177.5cm)

“Dream big, then go after it!”

Chelsea Keyasko

“We all start somewhere, but it’s the process that paints the picture.”

“We all have goals buried deep inside us, and some days, we forget how far we have come.”


Dislikes and Favorites

Since she started her bodybuilding adventure in 2010, Chelsea Keyasko has put a lot of effort into getting in shape. She was able to fit in rigorous workouts each day and, as a result, she grew to adore back and shoulder exercises.

Chelsea, on the other hand, has never liked doing leg exercises and views squats and lunges as a “necessary punishment”.

She describes these workouts as “a lot of effort,” but her dedication has paid off, as can be seen by the strong and proportionate structure of her quads.

“I love my back and I adore back days!”

Common Sessions

On her leg days, she usually does 6 sets of 225-pound squats, followed by mild cardio. She commits to drop-sets beginning at 55 pounds for each arm for her shoulder exercises.

She claims that the big weight helps her develop her muscles in a way that both increases her strength and burns calories.

“I always lift the most weight I can.”


Exercise Diet

Chelsea concentrates on consuming a lot of complex carbs each day to exercise hard before contests.

Four weeks following the show, she reduces her carbohydrate intake to allow her body to adjust to normal training conditions.

She often attempts to eat every three hours during her off-season, always concentrating on the three macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Cheating Food

Chelsea also enjoys treating herself to occasional cheat meals, with pizza and doughnuts being her top picks.

She has previously had trouble eating properly, but she has triumphed over this via her unwavering commitment to her objectives.

“I haven’t always had the finest relationships with eating. Since I am simply human, my weakness is that I adore sweets.

“Continue on your path, one day at a time.”

Chelsea Keyasko

Influences and Idols

Chelsea Keyasko is mostly motivated by her New Jersey-based friends, family, and training partners.

When she is having trouble achieving her goals, she goes to these folks, and they support her during the challenging competition seasons.

She draws motivation from her athletic advancement and uses her past failures as a source of strength. Chelsea advises her fellow competitors in bodybuilding to “love themselves every step of the way.”

What could Chelsea Keyasko Teach Us?

Chelsea Keyasko worked extremely hard in the gym and on social media to achieve everything she has in her bodybuilding and modeling careers.

She acknowledges that the road to success wasn’t always smooth and that eating healthfully sometimes be challenging.

But in the end, she has shown us all that you can be your champion and develop a fantastic body if you are dedicated to your goals and have a strong support system around you.